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Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse [VIDEO]

Just when it seemed as though things couldn’t get any worse for the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goddell, a second issue of extreme nature has arisen within the very same week. All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted on charges of negligent injury to a child, or simply put, Child Abuse. In … Continue reading

Mike Tyson’s Canadian News Interview Didn’t Go So [VIDEO]

Former heavyweight boxing champ “Iron” Mike Tyson has never been one to hold his tongue. In fact, About Sports recorded a five-part timeline of Iron Mike’s boxing career, which included some of the Brooklyn brawler’s greatest quotes. The extensive list of greatness included statements such as: When I fight someone, I want to break his will. … Continue reading

Make It Reign

Which new kid on the block will stand tallest in their inaugural NFL Season; Andrew Luck or RG III?                 The Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins are set to meet on August 25th in their third preseason tune-up. Normally, the preseason brings very little excitement other than the fact that football season is upon us. … Continue reading

David Stern Proposes 23 and Under Rule for Olympic Basketball

The commish suggested that he’d like to see an age limit of 23 years old and under placed on the U.S. Olympic Team, moving forward. The elder statesman of this year’s team Kobe Bryant fired back at the commissioner without filter. “It’s a stupid idea,” said the future Hall-of-Famer, “It should be the (player’s) choice.” … Continue reading

He Got Game: The NBA’s Next Rising Stars

                As we near the end of future Hall of Famers Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Kobe Bryant’s careers, we look at the next generation of NBA stars. During the reign of many great players, fans are always left to wonder “whose next?” When everyone said their goodbyes to the likes of Wilt … Continue reading

The New York Yankees Instill H.O.P.E. In Neighboring Communities

Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano and the Yankees Organization lend a hand to “An Angel in Queens”                 Each summer, millions of people look forward to the next big superhero movie to hit the big screen. The blockbuster flick usually features an iconic figure that has superhuman strength or some sort of majestic power, which ultimately … Continue reading

Taking My Talents…Home!

The Miami Heat’s failure to capitalize on its first shot at an NBA Championship, with their “Big 3,” in place, will undoubtedly go down as one of the biggest disappointments in Sports History.  It’s not the fact that a team so top-heavy in talent can lose a series; it’s what happened prior to this point, … Continue reading

10 Things To Watch For In The 2011 NBA Playoffs

The 2011 are right around the corner, and are sure to be the most competitive NBA Playoffs we’ve seen in years.  While the 2nd round and beyond, are the rounds everyone’s anticipating, there are a few things we need to be on the look-out for.  Here are 10 of them… 1st Round Upsets 1.  The New York … Continue reading

N.Y. State Of Mind

Losers of 6 straight, and 9 of their last 10 games, the New York Knicks are in a bit of a, “funk,” so to speak.  Acquiring a major talent in one, Carmelo Anthony, just before the NBA Trade Deadline, seemed to be the next big step, in “Righting the Ship.”  However, the Knicks have found … Continue reading

Let’s Make A Deal

The NBA Trade Deadline is almost as exciting as the All Star Weekend and NBA Finals in one.  This year’s deadline was no different, and possibly the most impactful we’ve seen in recent years.  Here is a breakdown of the most significant deals, and what they mean for the present and near futures. Knicks Get: … Continue reading