This year’s NBA Playoffs have provided us with classic moments as usual.  The Bulls are givin’ the Celtics a CRAZY series, LeBron & Kobe proved why they RUN their Conferences, as they post up in round 2, and watch everybody else hurt themselves.  But most recently, Chris Paul, the best PG in the league, couldn’t … Continue reading

NFC West Breakdown

  Round 1 – Jason Smith (OT, Baylor) Round 2 – James Laurinaitis (ILB, Ohio State) Round 3 – Bradley Fletcher (DB, Iowa) Round 4 – Dorell Scott (DT, Clemson) Round 5 – Brooks Foster (WR, North Carolina) Round 6 – Keith Null (QB, W. Texas AM) Round 7 – Chris Ogbonnaya (RB, Texas)   … Continue reading

AFC West Breakdown

   Round 1 – Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia) Round 1 – Robert Ayers (LB, Tennessee) Round 2 – Alphonso Smith (CB, Wake Forest) Round 2 – Darcel McBath (CB, Texas Tech) Round 2 – Richard Quinn (TE, North Carolina) Round 4 – David Burton (FS, Notre Dame) Round 4 – Seth Olsen (OG, Iowa) Round … Continue reading

AFC East Breakdown

Round 1 – Aaron Maybin (DE, Penn State) Round 1 – Eric Wood (C, Louisville) Round 2 – Jairus Byrd (CB, Oregon) Round 2 – Andrew Levitre (OG, Oregon St.) Round 4 – Shawn Nelson (TE, Southern Miss.) Round 5 – Nic Harris (OLB, Oklahoma) Round 6 – Cary Harris (CB, USC) Round 7 – … Continue reading

NFC East Breakdown

  Round 3 – Jason Williams (OLB, Western Illinois) Round 3 – Robert Brewster (OT, Ball State) Round 4 – Stephen McGee (QB, Texas A&M) Round 4 – Victor Butler (OLB, Oregon State) Round 4 – Brandon Williams (DE, Texas Tech) Round 5 – DeAngelo Smith (CB, Cincinnati) Round 5 – Michael Hamlin (S, Clemson) … Continue reading

King Me!

  LeBron James has led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a first round sweep, of long-time rival, The Detroit Pistons. The Pistons entered this year’s tournament, appearing in 6 consecutive Eastern Conference Finals, with a 7th in mind. Behind a near James triple double, erased were both the Pistons’ hopes, as well as any doubters about … Continue reading

NFL Pre-Draft : A Game of Chess

Will your favorite team trade for that elite WR?  Will the #1 pick be the fan favorite?  Who will position themselves to go from good, to elite?  These are all questions that come up prior to the NFL Draft, as fans often sit in anticipation.  So far we’ve heard numerous rumors as far as an … Continue reading

Trend Setter?…Hope Not!

Growing up playing a sport, we often dream of playing professionally in the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc…  In between growing up, and adulthood, is a span of time which one spends in college, before their dream is realized.  Not if you’re name is Brandon Jennings, who was seen as the #1 Prep Player coming into the … Continue reading

No Go, For Ocho!

With the 2009 NFL Season slowly approaching, we find ourselves hearing similar situations from previous years.  No football fan is unfamiliar with the chaos that surrounds the Cincinnati Bengals football team.  However, it appears the main attraction, Chad Johnson, has hit a new low, and has now been relegated to, “Crying.”  Johnson has been displeased … Continue reading


That’s the famous expression you’re sure to hear from the world famous, Harlem Rucker Park, after a CRAZY play!  But, what’s more interesting is what exactly just happened? Did someone just create a youngster’s new favorite poster?  Or did someone just find themselves visiting an orthopedist, for an ankle injury?  That’s the question, what exactly … Continue reading