Cutler to…..Da Bears!

Cutler to…..Da Bears!
Jay Cutler finally got his wish to be traded, when Denver pulled a deal shortly after stating they’d part w/the young Pro-Bowl QB.  The Broncos sent Cutler and a 2009 5th round pick to the Bears for Kyle Orton, a 2009 1st & 3rd round pick, and a 2010 1st round pick.  I’m not quite sure who made out better in the deal, the Broncos or the Bears.  The Broncos now change their complete direction in a sense, where they had a pretty high profile Offense in tact, ranking 2nd in the league in total yards, and most notably, 3rd in passing yards. 
Where do they go from here?  The Broncos now hold 2 picks in the top 20 in this years draft, (12, 18), and likely first week starter, Kyle Orton at QB.  While Orton did a solid job in a starting role for Chicago, the Bears’ offense ranked 26th, & 21st respectively, in those same two categories, which Denver ranked in the top 3.  In all fairness, Cutler had much better weapons around him, with Pro Bowl WR, Brandon Marshall to throw to, while Orton’s number one target is still learning his new position, in Devin Hester.  The Bears on the other hand, now have the franchise QB they’ve lacked for YEARS!  The QB position may have been what kept them from winning the Super Bowl versus the Colts a few years ago, with the defense and special teams keeping the game close the entire way, but the inept offense failed to capitalize.  Cutler now brings that fear behind center, and will allow Matt Forte to continue his growth in the National Football League, with defenses now having to fear the pass in Chicago.  However, Cutler was added, but the pass catching position is still a MAJOR need in the Windy City.  Greg Olsen proved to be well worth his high draft status two seasons ago, putting together a nice season in 2008, and Hester showed some growth, but these two players are far cries from what Jay is used to throwing to.  Cutler had two future stars developing in Eddie Royal, and Tony Scheffler, and the sure-handed, Brandon Marshall to throw to.  Marshall has put together back-to-back, 100+ catch seasons, not to mention missing a game last year due to suspension, playing with Cutler.  He may be the player the most effected by this trade, as well as Cutler, who doesn’t have anything close to that level of talent to throw to.  Now what?
If I were Denver, I’d use these draft picks to either draft Mark Sanchez, IF, he falls to them at 12, and take a Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, or a Pass Rusher, most likely from a Linebacker position.  The Broncos drafted Jarvis Moss last year, who should get plenty of on-field time this year, and hopefully provides much needed pressure from the D.End position.  Brandon Marshall, who is facing a possible 8 game suspension coming into the 2009 season, also makes Wide Receiver a necessity in this year’s draft for the Broncos.  However, if Sanchez doesn’t fall to the Broncos at 12, I’d select Malcolm Jenkins (DB, OSU), and Brian Cushing (OLB, USC), in this year’s draft, providing much needed help, and YOUTH, to Denver’s 29th ranked defense.  In the 2nd round they can look to take a WR to pad the pending loss of Marshall to start the season, Brian Robiskie would be a perfect fit, and is more of a #1-2, type of WR, and would allow Royal to play the slot, which he seems more suited for.
The Bears have put themselves in legitimate Super Bowl contention with the addition of Cutler.  At this point, the only thing left is to surround him with talent, as quickly as possible.  The addition of All-Pro Offensive Tackle, Orlando Pace, proves that Chicago is in a WIN-NOW, mode, and that they are committed to building around Cutler.  With the team not having a legitimate pass catcher at the Wide Receiver position, that should be, and most likely is, the target for the Bears in the 2nd round of the draft.  A player who would fit extremely well in Chicago would be, Kenny Britt (WR, Rutgers), who has an uncanny resemblance to who, none other than Marshall, whom Cutler has completed almost 300 passes to in 3 seasons.  Britt would provide a potentially reliable target, and a big WR, which Chicago needs.  If the Bears manage to land Britt in round 2, that would sure up their offense coming into the ’09 season, and almost guarantee a deep run into the playoffs.  Brian Robiskie would also be a nice fit in Chicago if Britt becomes unavailable in round 2.
2 Responses to “Cutler to…..Da Bears!”
  1. YungHeff says:

    Sweet Glory! The Bears have a legitimate threat at Qb for the first time in 20+ years. I love this move. Lot of people are saying that the team gave up alot for Cutler, which, in all honesty, I think so too. I think AIG execs were even shocked with how much Denver got. But the significance of this move is what a lot of people haven’t quite grasped. For the past three decades the QB’s for the Chicago Bears have been question marks. There have been occasional good seasons, don’t get it twisted, but nothing consistent for a substantial amount of time. It cost them a Super Bowl in 2007. Now comes along a disgruntled pro bowl quarterback who wants out of his situation badder than Chris Brown’s publicist. AND HE’S ONLY 25!! You make a push…not only do you make a push, you lock that in for the next 6-10 years. The receiver situation is something that will be handled. It has to be for this thing to flourish, and JErry Angelo knows that. So expect there to be a move in the next two years to pull in a number one reciever.

    in agreement, Kenny Britt would be a great fit…as would Torry Holt.

    • skoob1911 says:

      Excellent view point…spoken like a fan pleased with his teams improvement…I’m sure the bottles of champagne were popped quickly! Preciate the feedback!

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