IMPACT Rookies!

IMPACT Rookies!


Offense – WR
A majority of the Offensive Rookies that I’ll have my eye on in this upcoming draft, come from the Wide Receiver position.  Percy Harvin, Darius Heyward-Bey, Jeremy Maclin, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, and of course, Michael Crabtree, are all players at this position who each have potential to be Game Changers!  Each of these wideouts have the speed, strength and ball skills, to potentially break a game wide open, at a moments notice.  Harvin, who draws direct comparisons to Reggie Bush, has the potential to be a multiple threat for a team, coming from the backfield, slot, and special teams positions.  Maclin and Heyward-Bey possess breakaway speed that will allow an NFL Offense to spread the field and potentially put up HUGE numbers.  Kenny Britt and Hakeem Nicks, could possibly have the most upside of any receivers in the draft, possessing a rare combination of size, and speed, that could give defenses NIGHTMARES. 
Of course, the potentially first wideout off the board on draft day, Michael Crabtree, looks like a future #1 WR for an NFL Franchise for years to come.  Crabtree is a two-time Biletnikoff Award Winner, as the Nations Top-WR, and draws comparisons to Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans, who may be the most under-rated WR in the league.
Defense – DE/LB


Pass rushers, and run stoppers are ALWAYS a difficult position to gauge each year in the draft, especially coming from the   There are a few players that stand out above the rest in my eyes, especially when we’re talking about a pass rusher/potential figurehead of a defense.  Aaron Curry (LB), Aaron Maybin (DE/OLB), Rey Mauluga (LB), Everette Brown (DE), Brian Orakpo (DE), Clay Matthews (LB) and Brian Cushing (LB), all possess the one necessary tool to lead a defense, and that is a NON-STOP MOTOR!  These players, all have that, “IT,” factor, which is what could fuel a defense, allow the rest of the players to feed off of that motor that raises everyone’s play.  Maybin and Brown have an uncanny feel for getting to the Quarterback.  Each of these players ranked in the tops in the nation in Sacks, while Maybin was also very recognized for his ability to also force a fumble while getting a sack.  While both players have thru-the-roof potential, Orakpo is seen as the most likely #1 DE to be taken in the draft.  The most noticeable thing that Orakpo possesses in my eyes, is his ability to recognize a play, which of course comes with discipline at your respective position.  Orakpo seems NFL-ready now, while Maybin and Brown have the bigger upside, and can equally make instant impact in the right systems.
Linebacker is almost ALWAYS seen as the leader of a defense, and this upcoming class doesn’t seem likely to defuse that stigma.  What’s interesting in this particular group, 3 of the top linebackers entering the league, are all from the SAME program!  Each of these gifted individuals have the ability to play at very high levels, and can challenge for the league lead in tackles for years to come.  Mauluga will most likely man the position of an Inside LB, which he seems most suited for, while Cushing will most likely play an Outside LB role.  Matthews is the most intriguing of the three, as he looks to possess the ability to play both positions, and flies all over the field, similar to a younger version of Junior Seau, in my eyes.  The consensus #1 LB, and possible first overall pick, Aaron Curry is that Do-It-All Linebacker, similar to that of a Brian Urlacher.  Curry has the size, speed, and football awareness that gives him that edge over the others, and makes him someone who can be that defensive anchor in the National Football League.

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