Smack Talk 101 – Football

Better Be Worth It!!!
Josh McDaniels…man ‘o man, hired as a rookie coach, replacing a future Hall Of Famer, in Mike Shanahan, and what do you do as soon as you get in office?…You go and try to make a deal for Matt Cassel, completely IGNORING the fact that Denver already HAS a future STAR at the QB Position, in Jay Cutler!  Why would you do something like that?  Granted, Cassel had a breakout season last year, but so did Cutler, not to mention the fact that Cutler is a fan favorite, and a Pro-Bowler, and all of 25 years old!  You’ve managed to cause more crap in a new home than house breaking a new puppy.  All I know is for all this, I hope u can turn Denver into a playoff team with all those drafts picks, and newly raised eye-brows!


Peep The Kid From, P-H-I-LL-Y!
What are we doing in the city of Brotherly Love?  We’ve seen the team’s stock fall faster than the stock market, this offseason.  The Eagles have seen Corel Buckhalter, L.J. Smith (whom I’m personally glad about), Tra Thomas, Greg Lewis (Bum Juice), and the heart and soul of the team, Brian Dawkins, all change area codes this off season.  Out of all the losses, the one that will hurt the most is Brian Dawkins, who yes, was getting up there in age, but was still playing at a high level, and was the embodiment of what a Philadelphia Sports Star is all about!  Buckhalter was a surprise this season, not for just his play, but the fact that he played HEALTHY.  This guy has seen more Doctor’s than two full seasons of ER, AND Scrubs combined!!!  The other players won’t be that much of a blow, ESPECIALLY Greg “Bum Juice” Lewis, and L. J. “Even Though I’m Always Hurt, I Still Think I’m The Man” Smith, who have done next to NOTHING in the grand scheme of things for the Eagles Offense.  There have been rumors of the Eagles pursuing Anquan Boldin, Braylon Edwards, and Jerry Rice, well not really, but the point is, WHERE ARE THE RESULTS???  Last year Philly fans dealt with Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, and yes, Anquan Boldin rumors, all to enter the season with the same group of medicre to bottom tier talent around D-Mac 5, year after year.  The Eagles front office hasn’t put anything around McNabb besides when they acquired Terrell Owens, and although a headache after the first year…THEY WON, and made it to a Super Bowl!  Formula seems simple right?  WR Threat + Donovan McNabb + Solid Defense + Brian Westbrook = SUPER BOWL BERTH!!!  Very simple!!!  DeSean Jackson, Jason Avant, and Brent Celek, all made big steps for Philly, while Westbrook endured an injury plagued season, and could experience some carry over into next season…bottom line…GET FOCUSED PHILLY!!!
It Aint Trickin’ If You Got It!?!?!


The upper management of the New York Jets, and the Washington Redskins have made HUGE moves this off-season!  Yes the Bears acquired Jay Cutler, and the Bills picked up Terrell Owens, but these teams have drastically improved their teams, particularly on the defensive side of the ball.  The Jets added LB Bart Scott, and acquired  former all-pro corner, Lito Shephard in a trade, to go along with the hiring of defensive genius, Rex Ryan, drastically improving an already formidable run stopping defense from a year ago. 
The Redskins also sured up their defense with a signing of epic proportions, in landing Defensive Tackle Albert Haynesworth, and re-signing DB DeAngelo Hall.  Yeah yeah yeah, say what you will about Hall’s attitude and being overrated, but the guy is young, and if his potential ever manages to equal his ego…he could challenge Nmandi Asmougha as the best Corner in the league!  But thats how it’s done, if you’re willing to spend that bread, wins can be possible and hitting the war room to decide the 1st overall pick in the middle of the season doesn’t have to be an every year ritual!

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