Smack Talk 101 – Hoops

The Guru


Call It A Career???


Let me start off by saying this, I’m a Tracy McGrady fan, just had to state that first and foremost. But, T-mac, my man, it’s time to hang it up holmes! T-Mac hasn’t played in more than 70 games, in 6 of his 12 NBA Seasons! The irony in this troubled career is that his teams seem to put together winning streaks when he’s out…hmmm. This year he played in a total of 35 games, and ended the year with micro fracture surgery, WOW, Really Tracy??? This is a surgical procedure that takes a full YEAR, to recover to some degree of normalcy. If you put that rehab together with the string of bad back injuries, and at times, a lack of heart, I think we’ve seen the best, and maybe last of T-Mac! Sad day in highlight reel city!

Aint No Sunshine Anymore!


What on Earth has happened to one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA???

I know what happened, Steve Kerr as General Manager, happened. This man has single handedly, wrecked a former title contending team with his decision making, or lack thereof. His first mistake, you trade a 29 year old, athletic, Shawn Marion, for a 36 year old, much less agile Shaquille O’neal??? Kerr had a vision of Shaq blocking a shot, or grabbing a rebound to start the fast break, ultimately seeing him as the defensive interior stopper they lacked. Quick Question, When Has Shaq EVER, been seen as a defensive, shot blocking, Center??? This was a very foolish trade on the Suns’ management, and the follow-up was nothing better, firing D’Antoni. He was ultimately left out to dry, after Shaq came aboard, with D’Antoni’s system, based on running and scoring in a timely fashion. Shaq might clock in a 10 sec. flat, 40-yard dash time! How does that fit with a RUNNING TEAM??? And, then to seal the deal, you bring in Terry Porter, who had Amar’e’s fantasy owners doing head spins, with his production, and lack of usage in the new system. Amar’e was posting lines of 27 and 12, nearly every night, after the Shaq acquisition, under D’Antoni. This season Amar’e barely averaged over 20ppg, and 8 rebounds. Let’s all hope the great Sam Cooke’s words can be heard in Phoenix, Change Gon’ Come!








Party Like Its….2010???


This season NBA Teams have mentioned the free agent class of 2010, about as much as we’ve heard about the economic downfall! A number of NBA teams have been obsessing over the possibilities, and gearing their teams’ present state, solely based off of the possibilities of the future. No team has been more obsessed than the New York Knicks, who have been on mission 2010, since the signing of Donnie Walsh! I’ll give them credit; the Knicks have become an entertaining team, while trying to rid themselves of a laundry list of BAD DEALS, courtesy of Isiah Thomas’ regime. It’s almost like Zeke set the Knicks up for failure, I mean the list is endless…Stephon Marbury, Jerome James, Eddy Curry, Jared Jeffries, Malik Rose, etc… All of these players are/were, grossly overpaid, and to top it off, PLAYER OPTIONS, included in their deals, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Why would you give Jerome James a player option, when he’s getting paid close to 6 mil, per season? Do you honestly think he’d EVER opt out of that deal? Same goes for Jared Jefferies; those may be some of the worst contracts in history of sports. Walsh has done his due diligence and has managed to rid the Knicks of a few of those deals, but still have quite a ways to go. The Knicks are holding onto this fantasy of LeBron James someday donning a Knicks Uniform, similar to how they obsessed over a guy named Jordan, years back. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! James loves the Garden, but as a visitor! He shows out and balls hard, but as a full-time Knick, I don’t see it happening. The Knicks, however, are very likely to land, one if not two, superstars, but Lebron…Eh Eh!











Look….On The Court, No The Field, It’s….Superman???


First and foremost…what is the obsession with these analysts continuing to call these grown men, Superman??? I can understand it when it’s referred to Dwight Howard with him donning the costume on multiple occasions, but come on! I’ve heard it referred to Tim Tebow, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, etc…Can we discontinue that trend please???








While on this particular subject, Dwight…What happened man??? Howard pulled out all the best dunks prior to the final round, selling himself short. LeBron, although struggling to say, put himself in the running for dunk artist of the year, for next year’s competition. Who would I like to see face him….I’d like to see Dwight, JRich, Nate, Iggy, Josh Smith, D-Wade, and Kobe take on LeBron. Obviously all of them couldn’t compete, but some form of that, along w/Lebron would be classic. I’da said Vince, but I don’t think he can do it like that anymore…not to mention, what he did in the contest is something you don’t want to take away from! And can the judges be dunk vets? I mean no disrespect, but Kevin Johnson??? The dude is a politician now, come on NBA, you’re better than that! Sheesh!


Who’s The Man?


The league awards in the association are always, The Great Debate! This year I think I’ll go with the man-beast, LeBron James as MVP for this season. The Cavs have been a top 2-3 team in the league this season, and Bronny has been a BEAST, so with that, he takes home the hardware. While Kobe and D.Wade have made it a difficult runaway for Lebron, I still like him to win it.


Rookie of the Year, hmm, I’d actually split the award between Derrick Rose, and O.J. Mayo. Mayo has been a lethal scorer for the Grizz this yr, and has pretty much been the man on the team, totally stealing my man Rudy Gay’s shine. Rose, has been the do-it-all PG, the Bulls hoped for. Rose has developed faster than expected, all the while making Andre Miller the star of the NBA On Ice! Rose destroyed Miller’s ankles on more than one occasion, including Miller taking a tumble, and hearing the crowd react to him seeing the court from a midget’s perspective…LOSIN Fam!!! Even though I like these two rookies as the front-runners, I have to give a shout to my man, Russell Westbrook. Westbrook has quietly been a very nice addition to the OKC Thunder, and will be a future All-Star, and possible Slam-Dunk Champ. If OKC can get a passing PG, moving Westbrook to the 2-Guard, and a shot blocking big man, their future is very bright!


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