What Were They Thinking???

What Were They Thinking???


Pac-man Jones, Michael Vick, Tank Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, etc…this list, amongst many more, are what many people have labeled, “The Dumb Athlete.”  That particular term is usually coined when professional athletes get caught in some sort of legal situations, resulting in fines, arrests, suspensions, and in some cases, Jail-time.  The latest situations, and most covered in the media, involve Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, and Michael Vick.  Each of these players have been involved with situations that have, or may, result in Jail Time.  Vick has just about finished up his debt to society and will be seeking reinstatement with the NFL in the next month, Stallworth killed a man, while under the influence, and could be looking at jail-time for manslaughter.  Burress, well, he accidentally shot himself during a night out with teammates at a New York City Nightclub. 
Vick, I believe caught a, “Raw Deal.”  In a country where we have murderers, rapists, etc…roaming our neighborhoods, Vick spent a significant portion of his life in Prison for fighting Dogs.  While I’m not condoning his behavior in the least bit, that was a very excessive sentence for this particular crime.  Stallworth and Burress, these two situations were very idiotic in my eyes, and whatever punishment falls into their laps, may be just deserved.  In their particular situations, each could have hired a driver, or security, and both incidents could have been avoided.  How do you shoot yourself???
Bottom line, these players are in positions that many people would do ANYTHING to be in.  Millions of dollars, just to play a game, that you are supposed to love; seems like a nice set-up to me.  These athletes put their careers, reputations, and livelihood in jeopardy when they allow themselves to get into these compromising situations.  With new NFL Commissioner, Roger Goddell’s zero tolerance policy, the fact that these players allow themselves to, “Slip,” is beyond me!
4 Responses to “What Were They Thinking???”
  1. Marcus says:

    I agree with this post. I believe what Vick did was idiotic, but he’s paid his debt society. What more do people want from him? He went to jail for like 2 years, lost the majority of his money, and lost his career as a QB in a game he worked his a$$ off to excel in. Now teams are afraid to touch him because they are afraid of the PETA backlash. That’s ridiculous. Stallworth was irresponsible and I have sympathy for him. Burress was just..dumb…period. You can’t forget other dumb athletes like Matt Jones and others. It’s crazy how these guys have no common sense or self-control to not risk their livelihoods doing stupid things. Pacman Jones keeps getting 2nd and 3rd chances and he keeps messing up. The NFL should require these athletes to get life coaches and financial advisors.

    • skoob1911 says:

      Completely agree…these guys are blowing their opps…Millions of dollars to play a game, not to mention fans and children that are in awe of your every move…Gotta be more careful, preciate the feedback!

  2. aceklub says:

    Yea, they are hating on Vick blocking his plan to make money. They are trying to make an example of him.

    It still does not make sense that these athletes still carry a “it won’t happen to me, maybe the next dude but not me.” Stallworth could have avoided that but on the real, there are many folks who drive a little buzzed. However, he has so much more to lose and should protect that.

  3. YungHeff says:

    Yessir…have to agree to this. I think we’ve all become used to the idea of hearing about our athletes doing something that the average human being would consider idiotic. I think that most forget that to play sports for a living, and to get paid to do so, is work yes, but it a privilege given to so few. When you take that privilege and that honor and turn the damn thing on its head by fighting dogs or firing weapons in clubs, then you’re the worst kind of idiot..a.n idiot when means. The athletes who are respected…MJ, Tiger Woods, Ripken’s, and the Williamses…have a standard for themselves. Hold yourself to it and be the excellence that you portray on the field.

    As for the dudes listed above (Vick, Burress, PAcman, etc)…they should be shipped off to Alaska to start their won NFL franchise, the Klondikes. OJ could coach.

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