Down Goes Frazier!!!!



It looks like the San Antonio Spurs just lost their chance at realistic title contention, before the start of the 2009 NBA Playoffs!  Earlier this week, it was announced that Spurs’ superstar swing-man, Manu Ginobilli, will miss the rest of the regular season, along with the playoffs, with a stress fracture in his right ankle.  Manu, although not a regular starter for the Spurs, is the battery that makes the team GO!  Ginobilli will sorely be missed on the court, but creates a huge void in the athleticism department, scoring punch, and emotional leader, for a very aged, but steady Spurs team.  The Spurs have been a consistent title contending team for years, but with another year almost in the books for the big man, Tim Duncan, it looks as though that championship window is slowly closing.  Now, lets not forget what team’s in discussion, as they have been the model of consistency, it’s just that with such powerful teams in the West, this injury may have just sealed their fate.  The Nuggets, and Jazz look to be the teams to challenge the Lakers in the Western Conf. Finals, even though the Rockets, Hornets, and Mavericks can make things interesting.  But, I just don’t see any of those teams strong enough to throttle any of those top three teams out West.


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