Smack Talk 101 – Hoops



This really isn’t a battle to me…but I can’t speak for everyone…
Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan
The argument is usually based on who’s the better player…or, maybe I should say, who’s the better player when all is said and done! Now with Kobe’s current squad…he SHOULD win at LEAST 1-2 more chips…KEY WORD: SHOULD…that’s a tall order it seems for Kobe Bean Bryant…now my thing…u give MIKE that team…THAT’S AN EZ 6!!! To me, he did that with LESS…yeah yeah yeah, Mike had Scottie, but beyond that WHO? Horace Grant for the first 3…ok, solid defensive player…Kukoc? Please…all he could do was shoot to me…he was a defensive Liability, and lacked toughness! Gasol is an All-Star, and legit 20 & 10 PF/C, Odom, is a former Olympian & All-Star, who can play EVERY position, Andrew Bynum, if he can stay healthy…has the potential to go down as one of the greats, IF, he can stay healthy, but the potential is there…
One reason I can’t give Kobe the nod over Mike…Kobe’s game is a COMPLETE, I’ll say again, COMPLETE, COPY OF MIKE’S!!! How can u favor the biter, over the bitten??? Kobe has copied EVERY move, just look for urself! Now, they both have similar characteristics, like they’re pretty much the same build & height…BUT, Mike was the better defender, (see that Def. Player Of The Year Award). Mike also, got very average players to ball together and BALL…Kobe had that, and hasn’t gotten it done w/o Shaq…and speakin of Shaq…Please, u give Mike a dominant big man like that…they’d go 82-0 for the season, AND…win 10 titles! Also, Mike lead his team to 72 wins!!! 72!!! Kobe wont come close to that…I’m sorry! But in no way would Kobe EVER be better than Mike…shhh, the man STILL has kicks out and he’s BEEN RETIRED!!! NUFF SAID!!!
Who’s In Your Fav 5???


Recently there was a discussion of who your All-Time Starting Five NBA Players would be.  That’s a question that almost would result in NO wrong answer….or would it???  Let’s take it one step further shall we…let’s add a 6th man…AND, pit then create your, “Dream Match-up.”  My Starting 5 would have to be, PG – Magic Johnson, at 6’9 WITH CRAZY Handles and Court Vision, how can you NOT go w/Magic…and his wife’s name is Cookie, No-Brainer, lol!…at the 2, is there any question, SG – Michael Jordan, I don’t think I need to say anything else!, the 3 spot can be debatable, u’ve got Doc, Nique, Iceman, but with this team, I’ll have to go with, SF – Larry Bird, with Magic running the pt. he can get Bird CRAZY Buckets…and come on, the dude won a 3pt. contest with his WARM-UP ON…and Boy Shorts! LOL, yes the gear back then was as ridiculous as the jeans many guys wear nowadays! The 4 spot, I’m sure I’ll catch flack for, but oh well, gotta go w/my man, PF – Charles Barkley, The Chuck Wagon could run the floor w/the best of’em, AND, would u honestly get in his way with a full head of steam, not to mention the element of toughness he add to the team…I mean, he was 6’4 in real life, listed at 6’6-6’8, AND he slammed Shaq!!! Shaq, not George Muresan, not Yinka Dare, but SHAQ!!! Gotta give’em the nod off that alone!  The 5 spot might be the most debatable of all, but I think I’ll have to go with, C – Wilt Chamberlain…Wilt DEFINED being dominant, yes he was bigger than most players, but the dude AVERAGED 50PTS & 20REBS…THAT IS CRAZY!!! And, The Stilt got criticized for being a ball hog, so what does he do…LEADS THE LEAGUE IN DIMES!!! A 7 footer LEADING the league in ASSISTS!…Say No More!  At 6th man, u gotta have scoring punch…for that I think I’ll have to go with….6th Man – Dominique Wilkins…how he’s left off the original 50 best players is UN-Real!

  magic-johnson                                       michaeljordan19853                                            larry-bird                                          charles-barkley                                        wilt                                               POD007849010

PG – Jason Kidd            SG – Kobe Bryant          SF – LeBron James
PF – Tim Duncan           C – Shaquille O’Neal    6th – Dwayne Wade
That would be CRAZY!!!! This was a lot harder than it looked…Kareem, The Big O, Dr. J, all hard to leave off the greats, and CP3, KG, Dwight Howard, all hard to leave off…but that’s why it’s a debate! 
9 Responses to “Smack Talk 101 – Hoops”
  1. Slamdanupe says:

    Come on Skoob, where is my man Tmac in this greatest of all time talk buddy!! LOL, Naw like you said, there aint no comparison, Jordan is still head and shoulders above the rest including Kobe. I think if Kobe wins two more rings thing get very interesting.

    The question will begin in the next 5 years when the King has reached his peak! Lebron will shatter records and Jordan will definitely have his legacy challenged for greatest player.

    Wilt Chamberlain… Wow, all I can say is the man was a beast! I think he is the best athlete ever!

  2. aceklub says:

    Scoob, I think your 2nd squad will give the first squad the business. As much as I not a fan, Tim-MAY would give Barkley the business on the block. While Barkley handled his business down low, Duncan would be too much. Also, your first squad is lacking defensively. If you are trying to highlight the top five in their position, then I can see your vote but building a starting five, I would have to go with Russell over Wilt.

    • skoob1911 says:

      Both good arguments…but I gotta go w/CB34 becuz of the heart and toughness CB brings from a PF, which I think Timmy lacks. Not taking anything away from TD, but he used to get punked on the reg. by KG…CB Slammed SHAQ!!! Timmy wants NO Parts of Shaq…so I gotta give CB the nod.

  3. Reece says:

    I’m going with the Diesel at my 5. He’s bigger and more dominant than Wilt and he had a killing instinct that Wilt didn’t have, thats why he only has 2 rings. At the four I’m switching it up and putting Bill Russell there, at 6-9 that is where he would play in today’s game. Barkley’s cool, but he didn’t win any rings. At the three I have to take Lebron because he’s so big an athletic and barring injury he’ll grab a couple rings, he’s lived up to the hype so far. I’m not gonna knock the Bird pick because he is a proven player. And people sometimes forget he play the 4 most of his career because Mchale came off the bench for a while and won two NBA sixth man wards 84 & 85. I mention this to justify me putting Russell at PF. At the two no discussion MJ and MJ. Magic and Jordan you already said enough about these two. My sixth man is tough, it’s between Larry Bird and Oscar Roberson. Either one would make the team very versatile and allow you to have a number of different lineups. Again you missed big time with Nique at the sixth man. He never even went to a finals. Top 50 is arguable, but he’s not top 25. But I’m gonna do you one up and give you an entire 12 because face it you have 12 players on a real team. So off my bench in no particular order is Oscar Roberson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Isiah Thomas, Dr. J.

    In a game with so few players on the court if you don’t have a ring you’re not on my team. One player makes a big difference.

    • skoob1911 says:

      Wow…yeah Russell def. provides that toughness and defensive presence necessary, and I had to go w/Wilt just based off of his track record, and pedigree…not sure if u can say he lacked the toughness becuz of the fact when ppl said he couldn’t do somethin, he did it…case and point, leading the league in Assists!

      Shaq I def. can’t argue, becuz he’s a Man amongst boys, and had been throughout his career…I can’t base the talent on rings tho, and Barkley gave me that heart and toughness I needed @ the 4, vs. Duncan, but I can’t argue Russell at that spot…I like the LeBron pick naturally, but I just can’t put him all the way up there yet, and kinda based my 5 +1, based on the combo…Bird is perfect w/Magic running the show…Magic would get him shots ALL DAY!!!

      But I can def. appreciate the background knowledge my man…and the feedback was great…and the big O, gotta love him…only player to go 3D all SEASON!

  4. Jordan > Space monsters engineered to play basketball.

    I think Kobe is going to find that his chance to be the #1 on a ‘ship team is over. Thanks to LeBron’s shattering any kind of ceiling there was though to be.

    Next few rings go to Bron, easy.

    Loved the post!

  5. skoob1911 says:

    Much appreicated. I think LeBron is def. going to be in the G.O.A.T. once all is said and done as well…Just huge shoes to fill.

    Preciate the feedback!

  6. Reece says:

    I say Shaq over Wilt because if Shaq would have played against a hurt Willis Reed in the 1970’s final, he would have dunked on him and silenced the MSG crowd and the Knicks would have never won that chip. According to reports Reed came in and Wilt played soft because hefelt bad for Reed and didn’t want to come off like a bad guy and that’s why Lakers lost. But he is a Philly guy so I like to argue with other people that Philly has two of the best players of all-time Wilt and Kobe.

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