He’s Alright…BUT HE’S NOT REAL!!!

Now you won’t come across too many posts regarding many sports outside of Football & Basketball, I mean let’s face it, if everyone stuck to what they KNOW, the world would be plentiful for ALL.  However, Baseball season has started this week, and coming into the season, we saw the one last hopeful left, Alex Rodriguez, admit to using Steroids…In the words of Martin Lawrence’s mother…DAMN DAMN DDDDAAAAMMMNNN!!!  Come on A-Rod…Baseball is turning into the state of Hip Hop Music, NOT TOO MANY GOOD GUYS LEFT!!!  And you were one of them…A-Rod using Roids, would be equal to the world hearing that Jay-Z had Bow Wow writing all his raps for the last 10 years!  I think he’ll bounce back, but damn dog…you were the, “Saving Grace, The Great White Hope,” and now you’ve gotta dig yourself out of a bigger hole than Stock Market!
And not to make matters worse…Jose Canseco…Baseball’s Drama Queen…This is the type of guy that makes you SICK TO YOUR STOMACH at the sight of him!  All he does is SNITCH SNITCH SNITCH!!!  I really wish there was someone that would just walk up to him and punch him in the mouth…ONE GOOD TIME!!!  He recently said that Manny Ramirez is also a dirty player, and if the list (Mitchell Report), was looked in to…His name would appear…this is my thing…SOOOO WHAT!!!  At this point, hasn’t the game seen enough?  Isn’t the black eye equal to that of Mitch Green size result?  It’s almost like running over a body AFTER, it’s been hit by a Mack Truck, JUST FOR GOOD MEASURE…Just let it go…You fiend for the spolight rivaling, only Paris Hilton!  Come on man…please, just Fall Back, you’re Mr. Irrelevant, but seem to want more…It’s not only an embarrassment to you, but you’re dragging down an ENTIRE SPORT!!!
4 Responses to “He’s Alright…BUT HE’S NOT REAL!!!”
  1. McGirt says:

    Seems I am the only one willing or interested in commenting on America’s favorite past time…Baseball. A-Roid is lucky he got placed on the 15-day DL to start the season because this allows his Steroid drama to float to the back of folks minds and wonder what the hell is going on with Yankee pitching. Wang was rocked in both of his starts thus far! I definitely think the A-Roid is going to bounce back from this and I highly doubt it will do much for his Hall of Fame standing. He is still the Great Dominican Hype for the sport and fans alike. We can’t over look that the MLB dropped the ball in many ways in trying to regulate steroids. There is no way of knowing when they entered the game and how screwed any of the numbers are or were. Either way Roids give you power but the coordination and skill are what we call talent and none of us can take that away from those on any of these roid lists.

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