Sole In The Hole!

Throughout the years we’ve seen the art of the Basketball Shoe change, and EVOLVE.  In this particular article, I’ve decided to pay homage to what we like to call…KICKS!  Although I’m not old enough to have witnessed a lot of the evolution, I am a, “Sneaker Head,” and through the wonders of the World Wide Web, research is merely a click away.  Dr. J, was one of the originators, along with Walk “Clyde” Frazier, as far as “Style,” went, along with basketball. 
Amongst all the sports, Hooping, has always been the, “Pretty Boy,” sport.  I don’t think, Charles Oakley, Rick Mahorn, or for goodness sakes, Dennis Rodman, would agree…or would he? Lol, nevermind.  Anyway, the evolution of the footwear definitely helped with the style aspect of the game.  One thing I will say I’m VERY happy about…the fact that the Fab 5 of the University of Michigan, and the long basketball shorts…SHEESH!!!  Those classic shorts had WAY TOO MUCH Thigh Action for a man in a sporting event…MAN!  fab5
As time when on…a man named, Michael Jordan, yeah some guy that played for the Bulls…he was ok…lol.  Jordan single handily Revolutionized not only the game of basketball…but how you LOOKED, while puttin 50 on that guy that talked trash in the Pre-Game Interview…such a foolish man!  Jordan and a shoe company out of Oregon, called Nike, grew together.  Jordan took the label to new heights, and created, The Air Jordan!  These shoes were the absolute best of the best!  Expensive, but we all believed we could jump from the foul line in them…With Jordan’s growth in the shoe game, many companies tried, but often fell short, in adapting their version of Mike!  We saw Converse with Grandmama, & Derrick Coleman, we saw L.A. Gear with Karl Malone & Magic Johnson, we even saw Reebok come with a semi-successful run, with The Pump!
Nike didn’t phase all these other companies out…It just maintained the model of consistency, genius marketing, and brillian athlete selection.  With all the pairs of Jordan’s to be released…not all were your favorites at initial release, but like a bad rash, They Grew On You!  These shoes were so revolutionary…The Jordan name is STILL carried to this DAY, and Mike was inducted into the Hall Of Fame earlier this week…imagine that…Ppl pay homage to you and you don’t even DO WHAT YOU DO….anymore! 
Jordan has evolved into TEAM Jordan, which have several athletes under the brand, marketing clothing, and athletic wear, in various sports…The man helped Nike reach other sports…AND, put them under a Basketball Players Name…THAT’S CRAZY!  That’s why the basketball shoe…is truly, the Sole In The Hole!
4 Responses to “Sole In The Hole!”
  1. Ezzi says:

    Singing…*Like Mike if I could be like Mike. I wanna be wanna be like Mike, like Mike…if I could be like Mike*

    ——–or a least marry some1 “like Mike” lol.

    I like that Team Jordan pic!

  2. AG. says:

    Great story! It’s always refreshing to see others appreciate basketball kicks.

  3. skoob1911 says:

    No doubt…

    I was gonna include that Gatorade “Like Mike,” commercial.

    Preciate the feedback!

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