If I Were The GM Of….

New York Giants…
With 3 picks within the first 61 picks of this year’s draft, 2 2nd rounders, WR and, Defensive Back is a major area of need.  The draft is very rich in WR Talent, but losing your sure bet in, Plaxico Burress, can you return to the Super Bowl, depending on a rookie?  The Giants are in a peculiar position, being that a majority of their current WR Corp, is made up of young talent.  The situation now becomes, do you add to that young talent by drafting an additional young WR, or do you make a deal for a veteran leader, that can help to guide these young pass catchers.  With players like Chad Johnson, Anquan Boldin, and Braylon Edwards, all on the market to be traded, the Giants would be wise to make a play for one of these talented wideouts.  I’d suggest a package of a 2nd and 3rd round pick to the Bengals, for Chad Johnson, who’s coming off a horrific 2008 season, so his stock should be slightly lower than usual.  However, Johnson would thrive in the New York Market, which would resonate in ticket sales, as well as give the Giants a very reliable target to throw to.  That move would also allow the Giants to retain their lone first round pick, which they can use to address the defensive backfield, and draft Sean Smith (CB, Utah), who would help to solidify the corner position for the Giants, who’s off season acquisitions on defense, has toughened, an already stout defensive front.  But I believe a trade for Chad Johnson, and drafting of Sean Smith, would be major moves for the Giants, and put them in Super Bowl contention once again.
New York Jets… 
The Jets made tremendous strides this off-season on the defensive side.  But, took a major blow on the offensive side of the ball, losing Brett Favre, and Laverneous Coles, immediately making QB and WR positions of immense need.  The Jets don’t have many options, as they only have 6 picks in a 7 round draft.  Making a trade for one of the marquee WR’s on the market, doesn’t seem like an option for them, meaning that need will have to be addressed in the draft.  The Jets made a strong move for Jay Cutler, but fell short of their goal, and with Byron Leftwich signing with the Bucs, the best QB on the free agent market, has also vanished.  With the 17th overall pick, the Jets are sounding as if they’ll target Mark Sanchez, out of USC, which would be a great pick for them.  However, drafting Sanchez, with only Jericho Cotchery, and future star, Dustin Keller to throw to, how successful will Sanchez be?  If they pass on Sanchez, they’ll put themselves in a position to draft a formidable talent across from Cotchery, in Darius Heyward-Bey, or Kenny Britt, at the WR positions respectively.  Each would be very talented compliments to Cotchery and Keller, creating a huge speed advantage within each position, along with placing youngster Chansi Stuckey, in the slot position.  RB Leon Washington, also gives the Jets a nice weapon out of the backfield, along with workhorse Thomas Jones.  Now, with choosing a WR in the first round still leaves the question mark at QB, with Kellen Clemons the likely starter.  Clemons was given some opportunity in the past, but wasn’t very successful, so do you draft another QB, like Nate Davis, or ride out with Clemons until next season’s QB heavy draft?  I think I’d go with the latter move, and remain hopeful Davis can fall to number 20 in the 2nd round, and draft a QB next season, when there’ll be plenty to choose from.
Philadelphia Eagles…
The Eagles have an astounding 12 picks in this year’s draft, with 3 in the first 53 picks, and 4 in the 5th round!  The Eagles experienced huge loses with Brian Dawkins, the heart and soul of the defense, departing to Denver.  Also leaving, LJ Smith, Correll Buckhalter, Tra Thomas, and Greg Lewis, with Thomas being the most significant of the bunch.  The others were various pieces of the team, but Smith and Buckhalter experienced a laundry list of injuries throughout their career, as well as, failing to reach the potential, which they were believed to possess.  As always, WR is a position of need for the Eagles, as well as, Offensive Tackle.  With those 3 marquee talents available at WR, I’d suggest a play for one of them, mainly Anquan Boldin.  Boldin has the toughness, which embodies Philadelphia Sports, and would provide that emotional spark on the offensive side of the ball, as well as a tough competitor, which the Eagles need.  Packaging a 1st round pick, along with 2 5th’s, should be enough to secure Boldin from the Cardinals, hopefully receiving, a 4th or 5th round pick in return as well.  A player I’ve also been hoping for, is a passionate, non-stop, tackling machine on defense, Linebacker in particular, which I see in USC’s Clay Matthews.  Matthews flies to the ball, and reminds me of a young version of Junior Seau, or Brian Urlacher.  Matthews would be a very nice addition to a depleted Eagles defense, and provide a motor on defense, like Philadelphia hasn’t seen in years!  If Matthews is added with the other 1st round pick, OT, or Safety can be addressed in the 2nd round, which would put the Eagles back in contention in a very strong National Football Conference. 
2 Responses to “If I Were The GM Of….”
  1. Marcus says:

    The Giants HAVE to pick up an experienced WR and not draft another young talent. They need someone who can be a leader to the younger receiving corp and help them develop their skills. Otherwise they will be slower to reach their potential. Besides it would nice to have a veteran receiver on the field that can act as the go to guy or draw coverage that will open up one of the younger receivers. As for the Jets, I’m torn because either way they are screwed. I think I agree with you in terms of going with a hot shot WR draft pick and rolling the dice with clemons. If Jones and the rest of the backfield can get some yards this year, it would take a lot of pressure off Clemons.

  2. GiantsFan says:

    The one thing Jerry Reese has proven in his short time as GM is that he does know what he’s doing at the draft. Every pick he’s made has played for the Giants so I tend to think defaulting to the expert might not be a bad idea in this case. And Chad Johnson turning into ticket sales………..that is one of the more ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

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