Smack Talk 101 – Hoops

Playoffs…Playoffs…You Talkin’ About Playoffs???
With the NBA Playoffs upon us in less than a week’s time, it made me think about some of the best playoff moments.  Who can forget the Bull-Knicks feuds, or Reggie Miller’s one man army versus the Knicks, or the Blazers’ let down against the Lake Show?  The finals look to be a Kobe vs. LeBron special, as I don’t really see many teams knocking either of them off.  LeBron seems like a man on a mission, and the Lakers are the team that everyone’s trying to avoid.  But, again, will these playoffs leave any memorable moments that we’ve grown a custom to?  Will we see another near brawl leaving a coach to be dragged on the ground, a la, Jeff Van Gundy’s Knicks vs. The Heat…
Will We see a one man assault on a team, that can surpass that of Reggie Miller vs. The Knicks…
What about a final shot that seals the deal, like none other, than Michael Jordan…
I guess we’ll have to wait and see…To Be Continued… 

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