Feel A Draft???


 We are a little over a few days away from the 2009 NFL Draft, on April 25-26th in New York City.  Every fan in America stands at attention, and on edge, as to what moves their favorite team(s), will make, or lack thereof.  Often, New York fans pile into Radio City Music Hall, and are very critical of their teams’ (Jets, Giants), moves.  The same can definitely be said for Philadelphia, Oakland, Chicago, and Cleveland fans, all of whom are extremely critical of the teams representing their cities.  However, very often the so called, “fan favorite,” ends up feeling the wrath of the fans in the cities in which they’re drafted, for not living up to expectations.  The burden that comes with being the #1 Overall Pick, is one that comes with a very heavy set of weights attached to it.  Often the popular pick, is one of the more flashier positions, like a QB, or WR, not to overshadow the same lofty expectations that come along with an Offensive or Defensive lineman, or linebacker.  Typically, teams draft on a need basis, usually not conforming to what the fans want.  A prime example would be when Mario Williams was drafted ahead of Reggie Bush & Vince Young, who were both seen as game-changing, franchise players.  Bush came into the league with an enormous amount of, “Hype,” which was justified, seeing as how Bush was an incredible talent at USC.  reggie-bush

Young’s popularity stemmed not only from his collegiate play, but from the performance he put on in the National Championship Game vs. USC, which could go down as the Greatest College Football Game in History.  young-champAlthough each of these players came into the league with a much more heralded collegiate background, Williams has emerged the star!  Williams was named to the 2008 1st Team All-Pro, and is now becoming one of the most feared pass rushers in the league.  Houston took a gamble, overlooking the sure fire bet in Reggie Bush, and the hometown hero, in Young, but the return has be very beneficial.  Bush has shown flashes of his time at USC, and was putting together a very solid season, until injuries slowed him, yet again.  Vince Young’s career looked to be on the right road, until this year saw Young’s travels spiral downward, stemming from injury, both physically and emotionally.  Young has now be relegated to the 2nd or 3rd string QB, on a team, which he was seen as the Franchise Quarterback.  Young (25), finds himself behind 36 year old veteran Kerry Collins, as well as fellow draft-mate, Matt Leinart (25), who sits behind 37 year old, Kurt Warner.  These are two quarterbacks who came into the league with their futures looking as bright as one could imagine, and find themselves holding a clipboard for their respective teams.  The best Quarterback of this particular draft, happened to be the Quarterback that was taken 3rd of the group, Jay Cutler.  The lesson here, fans should be careful what they ask for, and the phrase, “All that glitters, is not gold,” is a phrase that can definitely be applied.

One Response to “Feel A Draft???”
  1. #1 USCFAN says:

    Did you have to put the dagger in the heart and paste that Rose Bowl picture? Thanks, Skoob.

    But you do bring up great points about being careful what one wishes for. However, in my humble opinion, it was might hard not to jump on the Reggie Bush/Vince Young hype train after what they did in college. Needless to say, Mario Williams is laughing all the way to Hawaii!!!

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