And Here…We……GO!!!

The 2009 NBA Playoffs are underway, and man, did they ever start off with a bang!  There were a quite a few upsets, none more than the Young Chicago Bulls, led by sure-fire Rookie Of The Year, Derrick Rose, shocking the defending champions, The Boston Celtics!  Rose dropped 36 points in game one, reminding everyone of a former Bulls great, who ignited Chicago with playoff heroics in the past.  Not to be outdone, The Philadelphia 76ers, a team that came into the season with immense promise, with the addition of Elton Brand, was thought to be a quick casualty in the first round.  In the words of Chris Berman, “That’s why they play the games.”  The Sixers shocked the Orlando Magic, on a last second jump shot, to seal the deal for the underdogs, putting them up 1 game to none.  And, with a strong core, Jason Kidd, Josh Howard, & Dirk Nowitzki, it’s hard to call it an upset, of the Manu-less Spurs.  With the ups and downs each of these teams have experienced during the regular season, it’s hard to put a finger on the potential of both of these Texas representatives.  What’s more important in these “upsets,” these winning teams did so on the opposite teams’ court, completely stealing Home Court Advantage.  The pressure now falls on the current home teams, and the fact that they must now steal a game on their opponents’ home courts. 
Besides the upsets, a few teams made emphatic statements against their opponents, with the Lakers, Nuggets, Cavs, Rockets and Hawks, all dominating their opponents.  The Jazz lost by 13, but were also without Mehmet Okur, a very important piece to the teams’ functionality.  The Hawks put on a fast-break workshop against the Heat, and LeBron James proved to Detroit why he will be this year’s MVP.  The Rockets-TrailBlazers series will be interesting, because this may be the series that goes 7 games, with the winners most likely holding their home courts.  The NBA Playoffs are always interesting, and these playoffs assure that this year will be nothing short of that. 

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