If I Were GM of…

Detroit Lions…
With the first overall pick in this year’s draft, and most likely not the last, Detroit faces a very tough decision.  They have a a plethora of options with this pick, but ultimately, it comes down to where do they feel they need to fill the most holes, and what is the timeline for getting on a winning track.  If the Lions are on in serch of another franchise building block, Matthew Stafford, will likely be the first pick.  If the goal is to fill several holes, a trade can be expected, for a combination of picks, and/or players.  If I had the choice, being that I would have lost out on the Jay Cutler Sweepstakes, I’d work out a deal with Cleveland which would allow me to exchange picks, and acquire Brady Quinn.  Quinn hasn’t had an opportunity to start, and could be a building block to go along with Calvin Johnson on offense, and then moving down to the #5 pick overall, then allows the Lions to either draft a top tier Offensive Lineman in Jason Smith, or Defensive Player, like BJ Raji.  The trade would have to be something like Detroit’s #1 Overall Pick, and a 3rd rounder, for the Browns’ #5 Pick, and Brady Quinn.  This trade would then allow the Browns to trade Braylon Edwards, as they’ve been hinting at this week, and draft Michael Crabtree #1 Overall. 
Cleveland Browns…
If the Browns complete both trades above, it would then provide the Browns with an additional first round pick, (Giants), as well as add a couple later round choices.  As it stands, the Browns only have 5 total picks, 3 within the first 50 choices, which is good, but can be better.  Being that Kellen Winslow was dealt to Tampa, the offense, which was dynamic in 07-08, has been tremendously compromised.  With the inclination that Braylon Edwards will be moved, the Browns have essentially put themselves in rebuild mode, and will need to add, by subtracting.  That means, they’ll have to hope to land a deal for at least two picks and a player for Edwards, as well as, move one of their young talented Quarterbacks, for a pick or two.  Although Andersen’s coming off a sub-par year, Edwards was partially to blame, with all the passes he left on the turf each week.  If they are able to make these trades, essentially acquiring at least an additional first and second round pick, Crabtree can be taken in the #1 overall position, as a replacement for Braylon Edwards.  It would also allow them to select hopefully land an impact player on defense, possibly Ohio State’s James Laurinaitis, who can come in an make an instant impact on a young Cleveland defense.
Kansas City Chiefs…
With the third overall pick in the draft, and a team in rebuilding stages, a building block should be the focus for the Chiefs coming into his year’s draft.  The chiefs made an off season deal for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel, with the Patriots, for KC’s 2nd round draft pick.  The deal was a bargain for the Chiefs, who now get a franchise QB to build around, along with veteran leadership on defense in Vrabel.  In my eyes, this deal sets up perfectly, for the Chiefs to draft Aaron Curry, if he falls to them at 3rd overall.  Curry would be able to be mentored by Vrabel, and instantly become the face of a very lackluster defense.  With Cassel in place on offense, Dwayne Bowe has a QB to grow with, but have concerns with two of their other offensive componenets, TE Tony Gonzalez, and RB Larry Johnson.  Gonzo, has requested a trade, as well as Johnson, in previous seasons, but have not been provided that from the Chiefs.  At this stage of the game, I’d try to deal Gonzo for a 2nd round pick, namely to the Falcons, who are very interested.  While the deal leaves a gapping hole at TE for the Chiefs, there are a number of pass catching TE’s in this year’s draft, with Brandon Pettigrew (OKSt), Shawn Nelson (Ole Miss), Jared Cook (South Car.), & James Casey (Rice).  Any TE drafted would have enormous shoes to fill, but they provide a young pass catcher to go along with a team that has youth in several key positions, at QB, WR, as well as, LB & TE, with these players being taken as well.  Pettigrew may be a reach, as he’s seen as a definate 1st round pick, which is why it’s very important for the Chiefs to deal Gonzo, to get back into the 2nd round, which would allow them to draft Nelson, or Cook, both TE’s with 4.5 speed. 

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