No Go, For Ocho!

With the 2009 NFL Season slowly approaching, we find ourselves hearing similar situations from previous years.  No football fan is unfamiliar with the chaos that surrounds the Cincinnati Bengals football team.  However, it appears the main attraction, Chad Johnson, has hit a new low, and has now been relegated to, “Crying.”  Johnson has been displeased with his situation in Cincinnati, for a couple of seasons now, and is back to begging his way out.  With long term running-mate, T.J. Houshmanzadeh, now departed for Seattle, Johnson may have lost his last thread of hope in making something work with the Bengals.  Head coach, Marvin Lewis, insists that Johnson isn’t going anywhere, and that he should focus on getting back to the player he once was.  I’m not quite sure what planet Lewis lives on, but Johnson doesn’t want to be there, and hasn’t for some time. 

 I understand that it’s difficult because of the salary cap hit he’ll cost the team (4.87 mil), if dealt or released, but is the headache worth it for another season?  Last year the Washington Redskins offered 2 First Round Picks for Johnson, which would be a MAJOR steal of a deal for the Bengals, at this current state.  Johnson’s value at the time was much higher at that point, as opposed to now, where his market value is significantly lower than other marquee names, Anquan Boldin & Braylon Edwards, who are also on the market.  While Johnson gets a bad rep. for his antics, there is no denying the talent, and his desire to be the best.  Some compare him to Terrell Owens, which isn’t fair in my eyes, due to T.O.’s very selfish, and at times, childish acts.  Johnson just brings a level of entertainment to the game, without the locker room disruption of fighting with teammates, or calling them out to the media.  At this point, I’d love to see Johnson in Philly, as the fans would LOVE him, as long as he produces, which I don’t think would be a problem.  The Eagles have 10 picks remaining, and Johnson should come at a bargain price. 

One Response to “No Go, For Ocho!”
  1. Streetz says:

    Ocho Cinc is getting Nada off that deal,lol

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