NFL Pre-Draft : A Game of Chess

Will your favorite team trade for that elite WR?  Will the #1 pick be the fan favorite?  Who will position themselves to go from good, to elite?  These are all questions that come up prior to the NFL Draft, as fans often sit in anticipation.  So far we’ve heard numerous rumors as far as an elite WR being dealt, or potential moves up, or down in the draft.  Up to this point, none of these rumors have come to fruition.  However, we have seen the Eagles make a deal that fills a huge hole in the offensive line, acquiring Pro Bowl Tackle Jason Peters, from the Buffalo Bills, for  1st & 4th round pick this year, and late round pick next year.  While this bodes well for the Eagles, as it frees up the draft for the Birds, to solely focus on offensive and defensive play-makers, it leaves a gaping hole for the Bills, who seemed to be in a win-now mentality.  The Bills much now acquire an Offensive Tackle in the draft, but have a little room to do so, with an additional 1st round pick. 
As far as Anquan Boldin, or Braylon Edwards, the asking price seems a little too steep for many teams, which require a first round pick, as part of a deal.  While the market for those two is huge, the asking price may supersede it…or will it?  The Giants seemed poised to make a draft day deal for Edwards, while Boldin has been rumored to be headed to Baltimore, Philadelphia, N.Y. (Jets) and most recently, Tennessee.  While Boldin would be a very nice fit for any of those teams, it was another Pro-Bowler who made headlines most recently.  The Atlanta Falcons acquired All-Pro TE Tony Gonzalez from the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2010, 2nd round pick.  The key in this deal, the fact that the pick doesn’t effect the Falcons for an entire year, keeping their 7 draft picks in tact.  With a young core of Roddy White, Michael Turner, & AP Rookie Of The Year, Matt Ryan, the Falcons get a veteran leader in Gonzalez, and a much needed offensive security blanket.  The Falcons can now focus on building up their defense, which could use some help, and hope to land another play-maker in the later rounds.  This move has most likely set the Falcons up to repeat as an NFC South Playoff Representative, if not, division champions.

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