AFC East Breakdown

Round 1 – Aaron Maybin (DE, Penn State)
Round 1 – Eric Wood (C, Louisville)
Round 2 – Jairus Byrd (CB, Oregon)
Round 2 – Andrew Levitre (OG, Oregon St.)
Round 4 – Shawn Nelson (TE, Southern Miss.)
Round 5 – Nic Harris (OLB, Oklahoma)
Round 6 – Cary Harris (CB, USC)
Round 7 – Ellis Lankster (CB, W. Virginia)
Round 1 – Mark Sanchez (QB, USC)
Round 3 – Shonn Greene (RB, Iowa)
Round 6 – Matthew Slauson (OG, Nebraska)
Round 2 – Patrick Chung (S, Oregon)
Round 2 – Ron Brace (DT, Boston College)
Round 2 – Darius Butler (CB, UConn)
Round 2 – Sebastian Vollmer (OT, Houston)
Round 3 – Brandon Tate (WR, North Carolina)
Round 3 – Tyrone McKenzie (OLB, South Florida)
Round 4 – Richard Ohrnberger (OG, Penn State)
Round 5 – George Bussey (OT, Louisville)
Round 6 – Jacob Ingram (LS, Hawaii)
Round 6 – Myron Pryor (DT, Kentucky)
Round 7 – Julian Edelman (WR, Kent State)
Round 7 – Darryl Richard (DT, Georgia Tech)
Round 1 – Vontae Davis (CB, Illinois)
Round 2 – Pat White (QB/WR W. Virginia)
Round 2 – Sean Smith (CB, Utah)
Round 3 – Patrick Turner (WR, USC)
Round 4 – Brian Hartline (WR, Ohio St.)
Round 5 – Johnathan Nalbone (TE, Monmouth)
Round 5 – Chris Clemons (S, Clemson)
Round 6 – Andrew Gardner (OT, Georgia Tech)
Round 7 – J.D. Folsom (OLB, Weber State)
Best Pick: Similar to the NFC East, it’s hard to just go with one pick, and one team.  I actually like 3 picks, Aaron Maybin by the Bills, Mark Sanchez by the Jets, and Pat White by the Dolphins.  Maybin, who arguably, possess the highest ceiling of all the Defensive Ends in this year’s draft, provides an instant impact on a young, and talented Bills Defense.  Of these three players, Maybin can provide instant impact to his team right away, and solidify his 11th overall selection.  Sanchez provides the first franchise QB, since Joe Namath, for an upcoming New York Jets football team.  Sanchez can thrive in the N.Y. market, and will be carrying a huge weight on his shoulders, but if he reaches his potential, that weight will be lifted many times over.  White is an interesting pick, for the simple fact of the type of team he went to, and his versatility, are a match made in Heaven.  The Dolphins used the infamous, “Wildcat,” offense, which features a skill player, in the QB’s position, giving the option of running or throwing the ball, by a player other than the QB.  However, White is a QB naturally, making the Wildcat Offense that much more potent.
Worst Pick: While Eric Wood came into the draft ranked at the 2 best Center, in a very slim crop, I didn’t like that pick for the Bills.  Having just traded away a Pro-Bowl Left Tackle, in Jason Peters, clearly there was a huge need to fill that void.  Having come out of this draft without attaining a top tier tackle, especially in this draft, which featured very good/franchise type anchors at the tackle position, is inexcusable.  Unless the Bills know something the rest of the world doesn’t, it seems as though a need coming into the draft, remains a need exiting the draft.
Who Helped Themselves Most: It’s very hard to ignore what the Patriots did, attaining very solid value in a majority of their picks.  However, I’ll have to go with the Miami Dolphins, who might have drafted their Corners for the next 10 years, in Davis and Smith, in the 1st and 2nd rounds.  Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline are also very nice acquisitions at the WR position, which was seen as a weakness for the ‘Phins, and has now become a position of great depth.  Pat White is what puts their draft over the top, due to his ability to play all over the field, reminiscent of a young Kordell Stewart, but similar quickness of Antwaan Randle-El.  Also grabbing Chris Clemons in the 5th round, the Dolphins may have walked away with one of the best draft classes in the league.
One Response to “AFC East Breakdown”
  1. Marcus says:

    49ers are goin to the playoffs this year! you heard it hear first!

    also, understand that i WILL win the damn league this year…tired of this 2nd place crap!

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