NFC East Breakdown

Round 3 – Jason Williams (OLB, Western Illinois)
Round 3 – Robert Brewster (OT, Ball State)
Round 4 – Stephen McGee (QB, Texas A&M)
Round 4 – Victor Butler (OLB, Oregon State)
Round 4 – Brandon Williams (DE, Texas Tech)
Round 5 – DeAngelo Smith (CB, Cincinnati)
Round 5 – Michael Hamlin (S, Clemson)
Round 5 – David Buehler (K, USC)
Round 6 – Stephen Hodge (OLB, TCU)
Round 6 – John Phillips (TE, Virginia)
Round 7 – Mike Mickens (CB, Cincinnati)
Round 7 – Manuel Johnson (WR, Oklahoma)
Round 1 – Hakeem Nicks (WR, North Carolina)
Round 2 – Clint Sintim (OLB, Virginia)
Round 2 – William Beatty (OT, UConn)
Round 3 – Ramses Barden (WR, Cal Poly)
Round 3 – Travis Beckum (TE, Wisconsin)
Round 4 – Andre Brown (RB, NC State)
Round 5 – Rhett Bomar (QB, Sam Houston St.)
Round 6 – DeAndre Wright (CB, New Mexico)
Round 7 – Stoney Woodson (CB, South Carolina)
Round 1 – Jeremy Maclin (WR, Missouri)
Round 2 – LeSean McCoy (RB, Pittsburgh)
Round 5 – Cornelius Ingram (TE, Florida)
Round 5 – Victor Harris (CB, Virginia Tech)
Round 5 – Fenuki Tupou (OT, Oregon)
Round 6 – Brandon Gibson (WR, Wash. St.)
Round 7 – Paul Fanaika (OG, AZ State)
Round 7 – Moise Fokou (OLB, Maryland)
Round 1 – Brian Orakpo (DE, Texas)
Round 3 – Kevin Barnes (CB, Maryland)
Round 5 – Cody Glenn (OLB, Nebraska)
Round 6 – Robert Henson (ILB, TCU)
Round 7 – Eddie Williams (FB, Idaho)
Round 7 – Marko Mitchell (WR, Nevada)
Best Pick: I’d have to call it a tie, between Brian Orakpo, and Jeremy Maclin, by the Redskins, and Eagles respectively.  Both players can come in immediately and address an area of need for both franchises, legitimizing any aspect they’ll be utilized.
Worst Pick: I’d have to go with the Dallas Cowboys, and the fact that they overpaid grossly for WR, Roy Williams, formerly of the Detroit Lions, last season.  This caused the Cowboys to have no picks in the first round whatsoever, in a year where the WR crop was plentiful.  I’d also like to give a close 2nd to the N.Y. Giants, not for selecting Hakeem Nicks, who can definitely help out the Giants’ passing game, but for their lack of effort in the draft.  The Giants had an urgent need to aid their fading WR corp, and with Michael Crabtree falling in the draft, you’d almost expect them to make an attempt to move up in the draft, with both Cleveland, St. Louis, and Jacksonville all seeking to move out of the top 10.  Again, this could have been a money situation, where they didn’t want to have to pay a rookie, which is understandable, but Nicks came into draft with a commitment/focus issue, not a good thing at all.  At the same time, this could be because they are still hopeful to land Braylon Edwards  in a deal with the Browns.
Who Helped Themselves Most: Out of this highly competitive division, I’d have to say the Philadelphia Eagles helped themselves the most in this year’s draft.  The Eagles acquired 3 potential play-makers on offense, if Ingram can enter camp at 100%, coming off a torn ACL at the beginning of 2008.  Ingram is the weapon at TE, that the Eagles had hoped LJ Smith would have been.  Ingram was seen as a late first, early 2nd round pick, without the injury, so to grab him in the 5th round, could be a steal of a pick.  Maclin and McCoy, are natural play-makers at their respective positions.  Maclin can help in the passing game immensely, pairing with DeSean Jackson, and sure-handed Jason Avant.  McCoy is a younger version of Brian Westbrook, who’s a do-it-all back for the Eagles, so the fit should be natural.  The sleeper pick for the Eagles, may be the drafting of CB VictorOverall, the Eagles helped themselves offensively a great deal, but I was hoping to see them be just as aggressive in acquiring a defensive animal as well.  They’re currently in pursuits of Defensive End, Julius Peppers of the Carolina Panthers, who would solidify this team, and put them back in the top tier of the NFC.
2 Responses to “NFC East Breakdown”
  1. Marcus says:

    I hope you are going to review all of the team picks. You can’t give a comprehensive breakdown of the draft without considering the entire thing. For example, you said nothing about the 9ers getting Crabtree…the Broncos choice of an RB in the first round I think, etc.

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