AFC West Breakdown

Round 1 – Knowshon Moreno (RB, Georgia)
Round 1 – Robert Ayers (LB, Tennessee)
Round 2 – Alphonso Smith (CB, Wake Forest)
Round 2 – Darcel McBath (CB, Texas Tech)
Round 2 – Richard Quinn (TE, North Carolina)
Round 4 – David Burton (FS, Notre Dame)
Round 4 – Seth Olsen (OG, Iowa)
Round 5 – Kenny McKinley (WR, South Carolina)
Round 6 – Tom Brandslater (QB, Fresno State)
Round 7 Blake Schlueter (C, TCU)
Round 1 – Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR, Maryland)
Round 2 – Mike Mitchell (SS, Ohio)
Round 3 – Matt Shaughnessy (DE, Wisconsin)
Round 4 – Louis Murphy (WR, Florida)
Round 4 – Slade Norris (DE, Oregon
Round 6 – Stryker Sulak (DE, Missouri)
Round 6 – Brandon Myers (TE, Iowa)
Round 1 – Larry English (DE, N. Illinois)
Round 3 – Louis Vasquez (OG, Texas Tech)
Round 4 – Vaughn Martin (DT, W. Ontario)
Round 4 – Tyronne Green (OG, Auburn)
Round 4 – Gartrell Johnson (RB, Colorado St.)
Round 5 – Brandon Hughes (CB, Oregon St.)
Round 6 – Kevin Ellison (S, USC)
Round 7 – Demetrius Byrd (WR, LSU)
Round 1 – Tyson Jackson (DE, LSU)
Round 3 – Alex Magee (DT, Purdue)
Round 4 – Donald Washington (CB, Ohio St.)
Round 5 – Colin Brown (OT, Missouri)
Round 6 – Quinten Lawrence (WR, McNeese St.)
Round 7 – Javarris Williams (RB, Tenn. St.)
Round 7 – Jake O’Connell (WR, Miami (OH))
Round 7 – Ryan Succop (K, South Carolina)
Best Pick:  Hands down, I have to go with Knowshon Moreno by the Denver Broncos.  Moreno was seen as the ONLY, complete back in the entire draft.  The Eagles were eyeing him, and wanted to trade up to get him, while the Broncos snatched him from their grasp.  Moreno is a perfect fit for Denver, who lacked a lead back all season, and feature a blocking scheme that almost assures success.  While Denver didn’t address a possible QB situation, they did take care of the RB position for the next 8 years.
Worst Pick:  As much as I want to give this to Oakland, with the high choice of Heyward-Bey.  I have to go with Kansas City’s choice of Tyson Jackson at 3rd overall!  Not slighting Jackson’s talent at all, as much as I am his selection slot.  The Chiefs could have traded down with the Jets, Eagles, or any other team that had their eye on a player that was going to go high, and still got Jackson in a later slot.  Jackson fits their scheme, but was a huge reach at the 3rd overall spot, especially with Aaron Curry still on the board. 
Who Helped Themselves Most:  The Denver Broncos did the most in this draft, within this division.  The snatched up the best RB in the draft, and got themselves a very good defensive stopper in Robert Ayers.  They also addressed a major need, which was adding youth to an aging secondary.  The Broncos have a very nice arsenal built around Kyle Orton, who was solid for the Bears last season.  One area I think they could have addressed was at Wideout, with All-Pro WR Brandon Marshall, looking at a possible suspension.  Overall, I think the Broncos did a solid job in restocking their franchise.

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