NFC West Breakdown



Round 1 – Jason Smith (OT, Baylor)
Round 2 – James Laurinaitis (ILB, Ohio State)
Round 3 – Bradley Fletcher (DB, Iowa)
Round 4 – Dorell Scott (DT, Clemson)
Round 5 – Brooks Foster (WR, North Carolina)
Round 6 – Keith Null (QB, W. Texas AM)
Round 7 – Chris Ogbonnaya (RB, Texas)
Round 1 – Michael Crabtree (WR, Texas Tech)
Round 3 – Glen Coffee (RB, Alabama)
Round 5 – Scott McKillop (ILB, Pittsburgh)
Round 5 – Nate Davis (QB, Ball State)
Round 6 – Bear Pascoe (TE, Fresno State)
Round 7 – Curtis Taylor (FS, LSU)
Round 7 – Ricky Jean-Francois (DT, LSU)
Round 1 – Chris “Beanie” Wells (RB, Ohio State)
Round 2 – Cody Brown (DE, UConn)
Round 3 – Rashad Johnson (S, Alabama)
Round 4 – Greg Toler (CB, St. Pauls)
Round 5 – Herman Johnson (OT, LSU)
Round 6 – Will Davis (DE, Illinois)
Round 7 – LaRod Stephens-Howling (RB, Pittsburgh)
Round 7 – Trevor Canfield (OG, Cincinnati)
Round 1 – Aaron Curry (OLB, Wake Forest)
Round 2 – Max Unger (OT, Oregon)
Round 3 – Deon Butler (WR, Penn State)
Round 6 – Mike Teel (QB, Rutgers)
Round 7 – Courtney Greene (SS, Rutgers)
Round 7 – Nick Reed (DE, Oregon)
Round 7 – Cameron Morrah (TE, California)
Best Pick:  The best picks would naturally be Aaron Curry or Michael Crabtree, but in this case I’ll go with 2 that were less obvious.  The picks of Beanie Wells, and Deon Butler were great picks by the Cards, and Seahawks.  Beanie Wells was seen as the top RB Prospect in the draft by some, so his fall to the Cards in the very bottom of the 1st round is a major steal!  Wells comes to a team that is in dire need of a power back, which Beanie fits to the tee.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wells become the Cards lead back, reducing Tim Hightower to a 3rd down role, which suits him better than it would Wells.  Deon Butler, a record setting WR from Penn State, was a tremendous value pick in the 3rd round for Seattle.  Butler will come in and immediately replace the void left by fellow Nittany Lion, Bobby Engram.  With a healthy Matt Hasselback returning to the lineup, Seattle looks poised to rebound from last season’s disappointment.
Worst Pick:  I think the worst pick, isn’t a pick at all, which is the problem.  The Rams, yes need to improve their defense, didn’t improve their wideout situation at all.  All Pro WR, Torry Holt was let go, leaving a huge hole at the #1 WR position for St. Louis.  While Holt’s productivity declined, he was still a legit pass catcher, just at a loss of motivation.  Donnie Avery came on mid-way last season, and will have a much bigger role in the offense without Holt.  But the fact that the Rams didn’t draft any pass catching talent is crazy to me.
Who Helped Themselves Most:  I think the Seahawks did the most, with the least in this draft.  It’s hard to find a pick they made that doesn’t attribute to an immediate need for them.  Mike Teel from Rutgers, is a nice pick-up in the late rounds, as Hasselback experience a lot of injuries last season, and having a young QB somewhere behind him, isn’t a bad idea.  Each of the first 3 picks will be immediate contributors to the Seahawks, who look sure to have a completely better season than last year.

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