Hornets Spurs Basketball
This year’s NBA Playoffs have provided us with classic moments as usual.  The Bulls are givin’ the Celtics a CRAZY series, LeBron & Kobe proved why they RUN their Conferences, as they post up in round 2, and watch everybody else hurt themselves.  But most recently, Chris Paul, the best PG in the league, couldn’t carry his band of dead weight out of the 1st round.  David West is solid, but the rest of that team is TRASH!  Peja, just a shooter, and soft as Country Crock Spread, Chandler, an injured (SOFT) rebounder, Mo Pete, PLEASE!  The Hornets got BLOWN out of the building…losing by 58 POINTS!!!  How u let a team put up 60 on you???  That embarrassment was probably a close 2nd to Mitch Green’s eye after Tyson served him up outside of a bar, back in the day! BE059123 The Hornets got eliminated tonite, so the massacre won’t continue on…THANK GOODNESS!  Love CP3, but hate seein my man have to drag this team any further! 
Speakin of draggin a team, finally J. O’neal (Even tho u got put on ANOTHER POSTER tonite) is tryin to help out D-Wade, Sheesh!  Wade is out there w/a bad back, knees, etc…PLEASE HELP THIS MAN!  But, the failure goes to…JOSH SMITH!  Why would you attempt a dunk between your legs, when ur already up by 20+  Can’t do that fam…AND….U MISSED THE DUNK!!!  Come on man!  Smith is a beast, but there’s a time and place for everything, Bad Move my man!  Next game…My Money is on D-Wade goin’ for 60, and I predict a flagrant foul on Josh Smith, by a random goon off the bench…somebody that clearly doesn’t matter.  They might even sign Yinka Dare for one day, JUST to foul J-Smoove!  Not a good move at all, but DAMN, AT LEAST MAKE THE DUNK!!!
2 Responses to “CAN’T BUY A BUCKET!!!”
  1. G, Chi-Town says:

    You a wild girl for posting that pic of Mitch Green. Hilarious!

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