When You Fail To Plan…

Well it looks like Nike’s Marketing dollars may go to waste.  Nike, along with Vitamin Water, has been campaigning for a Kobe vs. LeBron NBA Finals Match-up.  Not to be left out, ESPN also aired a special on the two, highlighting the exact same thing.  Problem is…THEY HAVE TO PLAY TO GET THERE!!!  It looks … Continue reading

Almost Home

Recently former Falcons QB, Michael Vick was released from federal prison, for his roll in an illegal dogfighting operation.  Vick was once a very prolific figure in the NFL, and the face of the Atlanta Franchise.  Vick, like many young black athletes, are seen as the savior to their family, and close friends.  Vick allowed … Continue reading

NBA Lottery

     Building Blocks : Eric Gordon (SG), Al Thornton (SF) Franchise Player(s) : Baron Davis (PG) Key Free Agents : Ricky Davis (SG/SF) Team Needs : Defensive Stopper/Toughness along the perimeter   Familiar territory for one of last year’s most underachieving teams, who seemed to have a solid direction at the beginning of the season.  … Continue reading

Controlling Your Team…

  Similar to the If You Build It NBA Series…take YOUR favorite football team, and put the pieces in place you’d think would put you over the top. It’s a little different to build a franchise in the NFL, versus the NBA. The Salary Cap, and Roster Depth make it a little harder to do … Continue reading

The Final Four

The Final Four in the 2009 NBA Finals is here!    Of course the popular pick all season, also the pick of yours truly, Cleveland vs. L.A. is still very possible.  But, if you’ve been watching the playoffs so far, in no way will it be as easy as it might have seemed in beginning.  … Continue reading

All NBA Teams

First Team LeBron James    Dirk Nowitzki    Dwight Howard    Kobe Bryant    Dwayne Wade     Second Team  Chris Paul    Brandon Roy    Yao Ming    Tim Duncan    Paul Pierce   Third Team Carmelo Anthony    Pau Gasol    Shaquille O’neal    Tony Parker    Chauncey Billups         Who Got Snubbed?    Kevin Durant – Durant balled out this season, and … Continue reading

A Bad Boy’s Dream

Recently the NBA lost one of the great pioneers in coaching, Chuck Daly.  Daly, who’s most known as the coach of the, “Bad Boys,” Detroit Pistons teams of the late 80’s.  Daly captured two NBA Championships with Detroit, getting a team of very different personalities to gel together, and play as a collective unit.  Daly … Continue reading

If You Build It….

In Memory of the Great Chuck Daly, it got me thinking…how would YOU build your “Dream Team?”  With the much talked about Free Agency Class of 2010 coming up, how would YOU build a team.  If you had your choice of ANY player in the league, meaning everyone’s a free agent, and you could build … Continue reading

NBA Playoffs – Talent vs. Chemistry

The 2nd Round series between the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Atlanta Hawks has become somewhat redundant.  The Cavs and Hawks have become accustomed to a highly competitive first half of games, which is what was expected throughout this series.  Then we see the Cavs sort of come to their senses, clamp down on the Hawks, … Continue reading

How To Ruin A Legacy: By Brett Favre

  Here we go again!  Why is 137 Year Old Brett Favre attempting to come back….AGAIN!  If my memory serves me correct, back to last yr that is, Favre stunk it up in N.Y.  Yeah he had a couple bright spots here and there, but outside of that ONE game versus Arizona, where he threw … Continue reading