NFC South Breakdown



Round 1 – Peria Jerry (DT, Ole Miss)
Round 2 – William Moore (S, Missouri)
Round 3 – Christopher Owens (CB, San Jose St.)
Round 4 – Lawrence Sidbury Jr. (DE, Richmond)
Round 5 – William Middleton (CB, Furman)
Round 5 – Garrett Reynolds (OT, North Carolina)
Round 6 – Spencer Adkins (LB, Miami)
Round 7 – Vance Walker (DT, Georgia Tech)
Round 2 – Everette Brown (DE, Florida State)
Round 2 – Serrod Martin (S, Troy)
Round 3 – Corvey Irvin (DL, Georgia)
Round 4 – Mike Goodson (RB, Texas A&M)
Round 4 – Tony Fiammetta (FB, Syracuse)
Round 5 – Duke Robinson (OT, Oklahoma)
Round 7 – Captain Munnerlyn (CB, South Carolina)
Round 1 – Josh Freeman (QB, Kansas State)
Round 3 – Roy Miller (DT, Texas)
Round 4 – Kyle Moore (DE, USC)
Round 5 – Xavier Fulton (OT, Illinois)
Round 7 – E.J. Biggers (CB, Western Michigan)
Round 7 – Sammie Stoughter (WR, Oregon State)
Round 1 – Malcolm Jenkins (CB, Ohio State)
Round 4 – Chip Vaughn (S, Wake Forest)
Round 4 – Stanley Arnoux (ILB, Wake Forest)
Round 5 – Thomas Morstead (P, Southern Methodist)
Best Pick:  There are a few picks I like, which addressed crucial team needs.  Josh Freeman provides the Bucs with a QB of the future, instead of carrying 12 QB’s as they tend to do.  Malcolm Jenkins provides immediate youth and help in an always struggling, New Orleans defensive backfield.  Peria Jerry, also provides the Falcons with a defensive run stopper, on a team who could solely focus on defense, after acquiring Tony Gonzalez from the Chiefs.  But, the best pick would have to be Everette Brown, by the Carolina Panthers.  Brown was seen as a top 3 Defensive End, behind Orakpo and Maybin, but fell to the 2nd round.  With the Panthers going through an ongoing ordeal with superstar, Julius Peppers, it was critical to get someone to potentially take over for Peppers. 
Worst Pick:  The worst pick isn’t a pick in this case, it’s the lack of picks, by the New Orleans Saints.  The Saints have always been a powerhouse on the offensive side of the ball, and very soft on defense.  In a draft that was very talented in the areas of Linebacker, and Defensive Lineman, they’ve cost themselves a chance to make major strides as a football team.  Jenkins is a good pick in round one, but there were very good players taken in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds, which the Saints missed out on, badly.  The Saints also needed a new running back, and missed out on a chance in that area as well.  With the lack of moves, it’s hard to see the Saints as any better overall next season.
Who Helped Themselves Most:  I’d have to give it to the Atlanta Falcons.  Acquiring Tony Gonzalez allowed the Falcons to focus solely on defense, and add to the strides they made as a team resurrecting.  The Falcons came into the draft with the mindset of improving on the success from the previous year, and did exactly that.  William Moore comes with great value in the 2nd round, as he was regarded a top prospect coming into his senior season, but was slowed by injuries.  Owens and Middleton also provide them with aggressive, athletic, and sizable defenders at the corner positions.  Sidbury can also provide a much needed pass rush from the end spot, as the team still waits on Jamal Anderson to grow into his first round selection of a couple years ago.
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    AAFTCI you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

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