A King’s Inauguration



Lebron James played his first NBA Game as the league MVP on Tuesday, and did so in an MVP-Like fashion.  James led the way with 34 points, 10 boards, and 4 steals, en route to a near 30 pt. defeat of the Atlanta Hawks.  The game looked highly competitive at halftime, with Cleveland only ahead by 5 points, and Atlanta’s fast paced offense hitting on all cylinders.  However, the second half told a tale of two different Atlanta Hawk teams.  The Hawks mustered a mere 28 second half points, while Cleveland totalled 28 points in the 3rd quarter alone!  It seemed as though the #1 seeded Cavs went into the half with a little bit of a gut check, but responded in a way that only a 66 win team should.  The Cavs totally clamped down defensively on the Hawks, who only got 20 combined points from players NOT named Smith, Bibby, or Johnson.  An effort as lacking as this from Atlanta can almost certainly assure the Cavs its second consecutive short series, reminiscent of the 2001 L.A. Lakers team, who only tasted defeat once in the playoffs that year. 
LeBron’s ’08-’09 season saw him take the next step in his NBA legacy, with his development on the defensive end of the court.  LeBron put together a highlight reel in BLOCKS!  Along with D-Wade, it’s was absolutely amazing at some of the shots they were able to return to sender.  LeBron took added to his game similar to you guessed it, Michael Jordan.  But Mike wasn’t on SportsCenter every-night with a highlight blocked shot, as much as he was for putting up 50 points on opponents.  Lebron’s development not only ensured his MVP award, but most likely earned him a spot on the All Defensive Team as well.  I picked the Cavs to get to the Finals, to face the Lakers, but falling short.  With the way the Cavs are playing now, it makes me wonder if I’m counting the King out too soon.

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