Diamond Dirt W/K. McGirt

First Month Wrap Up
By Kenisha McGirt
Let’s start with the highlights, and then get into the drama that is better known as the Yankees. April saw some of the baseball perennial powerhouses coming down to size. Even last years champion Phillies have struggled a bit, and the Tampa Bay Rays of 09 are looking a lot like the sorry Rays of 06!  Boston and New York trail the Toronto Blue Jays in the standings, who hold the best overall record in the American League at 18-10. Joe Torre is working his magic out in LA, leading the Dodgers to the best overall record in the League.
Can anyone tell me why the Steinbrenners and Cashmen let him go in favor of Giradi??? Let me not get ahead of myself…there is still good news in baseball land.
Let’s move on to first month Triple Crown Leaders, where about the only thing good coming out of New York is that Carlos Beltran has a .400 Batting Average. Carlos Pena of the Tampa Bay Rays has 11 HRs, and Evan Longoria also of the Rays is leading the way in RBI’s with 31. The early pitcher honors go to Zack Greinke of the Kansas City Royals with 6 wins 54 Strikeouts and a 0.40 ERA, was he a free agent this off season cause the Yankees could have used his arm. I hope he pitches when KC visits the Bronx.  If it isn’t already evident the biggest joke, and disappointment in baseball after month one, are the New York Yankees. With a 192.35 million dollar payroll and a mutli-billion dollar stadium, you would think they would be off to a fast start, instead they look they are stuck in the old Yankee stadium playing like last year. This off season the Yankees picked up just about every available free agent they could, in hopes of coming out the gate leading in the AL East.  But find themselves losers of two in a row, and are coming off a sweep by the arch rival Boston Red Sox. Chien Ming Wang has the highest and worst ERA in Baseball at 34.50 after a total of six innings, and hasn’t pitched since giving up 14 runs in that inning!  C.C. Sabathia has also been a MAJOR disappointment…I personally didn’t think he was ready for the pressure of New York baseball. In the Brewers/Cubs series during the NL Division playoffs, Sabathia showed signs of being faulty. But of course, the Yankee money men signed him anyway, and he now has a hefty 4.85 ERA which happens to be the highest in his career.  A-Roid should be back by the end of the week but is that the answer? Does A-Rod have enough power to take the Yankees to the top of the AL East? I would love to see it happen.
2 Responses to “Diamond Dirt W/K. McGirt”
  1. Renee Simona says:

    …well written. Cant wait for tomorrow!

  2. John Strayer says:

    Do won’t about my Phillies, they will be fine. However the Yanks have some serious issues with offense, pitching, and leadership. Through in the Manny nightmare in LA, and the fact the new Yankee Stadium can be compared to Coors Fields, and that should lead to quite an interesting summer in the Bronx…..Also the mets stink too…!

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