How To Ruin A Legacy: By Brett Favre



Here we go again!  Why is 137 Year Old Brett Favre attempting to come back….AGAIN!  If my memory serves me correct, back to last yr that is, Favre stunk it up in N.Y.  Yeah he had a couple bright spots here and there, but outside of that ONE game versus Arizona, where he threw 6TD’s, he didn’t really do a whole lot more than that.  He brought a sense of confidence back to the team, yes…and forced defenses to play honest and not crowd the box, yes…but what about the games he gave away with late game INT’s???  Ok, so we’ll just call it a lost season…but why come back…AGAIN!!! This time, Favre seems like he’s coming back, just to get back at Green Bay!  For one, Brett had the ball in his court immediately after they lost the NFC Championship game in 2008 to the Giants, but took too long, and flip-flopped on his decision.  Brett, why would u bail on a team that should’ve gone to the Super Bowl that year?  Clearly you were right there, but you’d rather retire? Dummy!  Then you cause all this drama, like a school-girl, and cry your way to New York, and then, you disappoint!  So instead of a graceful bow-out, you’re plotting a return with the Vikings.  I mean the Vikings could do better with a High School QB, or Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite at QB, versus what they have now! uncle_rico But Brett, think about what you’re doing…you’re coming back to get back at the city that adores you, worships you,farve-fans3 names their children after you! WHY?  Just because you feel like they mistreating you as an organization…You’ve been playing FOREVER…I mean how long you want Aaron Rodgers to sit on the bench man?  Sheesh…you’re obsession rivals that of a classic movie, Swim Fan, where no didn’t mean know to a the young lady…Lol…Please LET IT GO!!!  There is a Nursing Home with your name on it, or of course u could get a reality tv show, continue your Strangler Jeans commercials, or go on Dancing With The Stars…There are options After Football…Sheesh!




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