If You Build It….

Draft Class
In Memory of the Great Chuck Daly, it got me thinking…how would YOU build your “Dream Team?”  With the much talked about Free Agency Class of 2010 coming up, how would YOU build a team.  If you had your choice of ANY player in the league, meaning everyone’s a free agent, and you could build your team around 1 superstar, then of course build around them…who would they be?  Now nothing that’s unrealistic like Kobe and Wade together, because clearly they’d exceed your salary cap, with both commanding 100+ EASY!  Something realistic like what exists now, Kobe-Gasol, Yao-Tmac, etc…even the Yao-Tmac seems crazy, but TMac is pretty much done, so it makes sense! 
First, I’d take LeBron James of course, not so much because he’s a MAN-BEAST…but I’d take LeBron because of the extra things he brings to his team…The Cavs LOVE playing with each other because of LeBron’s Personality, the fake pics they take before games are Hilarious, the one that comes to mind is one when “Insert Random Bench Player That Never Plays” held Delonte West in his arms like a baby, VERY FUNNY! Cavs Pregame 2 LeBron is pretty much balling on a nightly basis with ONE legit player, Mo Willz, and a band of C & D rate players, and WINNING!!!  Around LeBron, I’ll have to choose Chauncey Billups, even tho I’d want a PG, like Derrick Rose…of course Chris Paul would be the choice, but like I said…let’s be realistic here.  Rose can take control of a game, and this year’s playoffs are evidence that the young’n can BALL!  D-Rose took his team to 7 games versus the Defending Champs!  That’s crazy, but Billups commands respect, and team defense, and would be the perfect person to tutor the next PG to take over.  Down low, hmm…I’d like to see Josh Smith, and Al Horford, shocked a little yeah I’m sure, but that’s because of the element of athleticism I’m putting around LeBron.  Smith and Horford were also among the best in the league in shot blocking, and can get you a double-double every night.  At the 2, I’m a little torn, I like 3 players at this spot, Trevor Ariza, Andre Igoudala, and Russell Westbrook.  I’d love to put Westbrook here, but his height is what keeps him off the team as a starter.  I like both Iggy, and Ariza, but I think I’d go with Ariza because of his athletic ability, defense, and the fact that he’d be the one player that you can remove from that starting lineup and not get any of that back talk from him! Johnny Salmons & Jamario Moon were also a close calls because they can hit the open Jump Shot, which u need from a 2-guard. So the Starters, Billups, Ariza, LeBron, Smith, Horford.  Again, this is a more realistic lineup, because if it was a real Dream Team, I’d go with Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Dwight Howard…with D.Wade & Amar’e Stoudemire as my animals off the bench.  But, this is me being realistic!  
To fill out the bench…I’d have J.R. Smith, who’s instant offense whether it’s hitting the 3 or making a poster out of someone, Russell Westbrook, he’d provide energy on both ends of the court and can fill in at both guard spots, and The Birdman, Chris Andersen, who was 3rd in the league in blocks, and every team needs that Goon off the bench!  I’d fill out the rest with some role players, and three veterans like Raja Bell, P.J. Brown, and Antonio McDyess.  I’d pick those veterans because they’d play for the cheap, give you quality off the bench, and leadership for the young guns that will be on the court.  That team has a ton of youth on it, but think about it, if they’re all locked up in max deals, for about 6 years each, I can almost guarantee we’ll see at least 2-3 titles, while they grow and mature together!  Not to mention, they’re players that play HARD, and aren’t afraid to get in somebody else’s face. 
Who’d you pick to build around, and who would you put around them?
My Formula = A Centerpiece (LBJ), A Floor Leader (Billups), Defenders (Ariza, Horford), An Athlete (Smith), Bench Play (Westbrook, Smith, Andersen), Vets (Bell, Brown, McDyess), and overall Team Toughness (Coach) = Mike Brown
I chose Mike Brown because he’s young, and can understand the Players of today, and lets his team play their games.
5 Responses to “If You Build It….”
  1. Davermann says:

    C: Dwight Howard. I’d build around him. You have a physical beast who can dominate the league a la Shaq for the next 15 years. monester defensive presence in the middle to keep all those pesky perimeter players out

    PG: Tony Parker. although he makes a resonable salary now, when he’s a free agent he will get massive money. but for now he only makes about 10mill a yr. not too many championship tested, clutch performing, scoring PGs out there. outside of parker it’s paul and deronm but Parker is still underrated so you might get him at a good deal.

    PF: i’d put a young athletic banger down here. say , Lamarcus Aldridge

    SG: I want a lockdown defender here to handle any opposing scoring threats outside the paint. say rip hamilton. not sure about salaries though. let’s go younger, say…Josh smith

    SF marvin williams or Desmond Mason…real hustle guys who can grab boards, stay out of their own way, and distribute:

  2. Davermann says:

    Maybe throw in Shane Battier at SF…he’s a shutdown defender, hustle player, and can hit the 3 ball.

  3. H.Reid says:

    Center – Dwight Howard
    Center 2 – Chris Bosh

    PF – Al Jefferson
    PF 2 – Amare Stoudamire

    Forward – Lebron James
    Forward2 – Josh Smith

    SG – Chauncey Billups
    SG2 – Dwayne Wade
    SG3 – Branden Roy

    PG – Chris Paul
    PG2 – Derron Williams
    PG3 – D. Rose

  4. H.Reid says:

    A more realistic line-up:

    Scenario 1 building around D. Howard (Center)

    I would have J.Bayless at PG

    At 2G I would have R.Stuckey

    At small forward L. Powe

    At power Forward P.Milsap

    Scenario 2 building around C. Paul (PG)

    I would have J.Granger at 2G

    at PF L. Scola

    at Center Hibbert

    at Forward A. Horford

  5. Q_Crush says:

    hmmm i would have to do two scenarios
    PG Mo Williams- Just because of the chemistry he has with Lebron now, and he isnt a PG that has to have the ball in his hand to be effective

    SG Brandon Roy- The fact he plays out west for Portland alot of people are sleeping on him but he is growing into one of the best guards in the game

    SF King James- Speed/handles of a PG power of a PF and the ability to get the most of out the least. Just think we have atleast 10 more years of him in the league. he is only 24 WOW

    PF- Hedo Turkglu- With Lebron all Hedo would have to do is set up on the three point line and when the defenses collapse hit the jumper. But if you have someone that can deny LJ then he still has the skill to take over the game himself as well

    C- Nene He has proven this playoffs now that he is healthy he can be a legitimate down low presence on both ends

    6th man Taye Prince Even though the pistons were down this year he still provides versatility to play D handle the ball and score when needed.

    Scenario #2
    PG- Deron Williams- He has proven to be a pass first PG that is still capable enough to score when needed

    SG- Dahantay Jones- We need a defensive stopper who doesnt need to score but can be the garbage man if need be. Wasnt expected to last this long in the league coming out of Duke but has due to his willingness to play D

    SF- Granger He has quietly become one of the most dangerous and versatile up and comers in the league. Next year the league will see this

    PF- Hedo T (again) With Howard at center we need a PF that can spot up and shoot and take the pressure of of the big man

    C- Dwight Howard Supaman, he is one of the players that can take over a game but still is missing something in his game to truly make him a dominant center (hence why you have more scoring power on this team)

    6th Man Ben Gordon- With Jones starting at the SG we need someone that can come in with instant offense if need be, he is the polar opposite of Jones all O no D

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