All NBA Teams

First Team
LeBron James   
Dirk Nowitzki   
Dwight Howard   
Kobe Bryant   
Dwayne Wade
Second Team 
Chris Paul   
Brandon Roy   
Yao Ming   
Tim Duncan   
Paul Pierce


Third Team
Carmelo Anthony   
Pau Gasol   
Shaquille O’neal   
Tony Parker   
Chauncey Billups


Who Got Snubbed? 
Kevin Durant – Durant balled out this season, and put up 25 ppg, and just under 7 boards!  He was in the top 3 in scoring for a good amount of time during the 2nd half of the season.  I could have seen him making the team over Paul Pierce, or even the NBA’s man-crush, Tim Duncan!
Devin Harris – Devin Harris carried New Jersey for a majority of the season.  It’s hard to see him making it over the guards that made it this year, but he def. deserved it, and would’ve been understandable if he did make it.
Danny Granger – Granger did win Most Improved Player, but he was just around 26 ppg, and 5 boards.  And talk about carrying a team, Granger WAS the entire Pacers team!  No excuse to leave this man off any of these teams…Seriously, What did Paul Pierce do to deserve it this year?  He barely averaged 20 ppg this year, but made the 2nd team??? What is the measuring scale?  Because it’s def. broken!
One Response to “All NBA Teams”
  1. Davermann says:

    Notice how the first team has no true PG

    so it looks like Chris Paul and Tony Parker are officially the #1 and #2 PGs in the NBA.

    Glad that debate has been settled!

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