Controlling Your Team…



Similar to the If You Build It NBA Series…take YOUR favorite football team, and put the pieces in place you’d think would put you over the top. It’s a little different to build a franchise in the NFL, versus the NBA. The Salary Cap, and Roster Depth make it a little harder to do the whole building, type scenario. So in that, take your favorite team, and put the pieces around whomever, to make it a winner. Who’d you replace? What holes would you fill? Does your team lack a consistent QB? Are you still missing that Pass Rusher? You be the judge of YOUR team, but be realistic. If your favorite team is the Colts, you have Peyton Manning at QB, so to say you’d want Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Calvin Johnson all on the team with him, isn’t realistically possible. Yeah you could argue, what if all of them were willing to take a pay cut to play together…NO! Why would you, they’re some of, if not the best at their positions…so…be real with your changes. Now if you’re substituting someone with an older player, like T.O. at WR, then ok…reason because more than likely he’d be on a short-term deal…and wouldn’t be too costly on the books…My Team…

The Philadelphia Eagles






On Offense… The building blocks are finally being put around McNabb, after 10 years!…Better late than never I guess. I’d keep McNabb in place, and the O-line seems to be rebuilt after a ton of age/injuries, slowed them down. I’da liked to see the Eagles get Knowshon Moreno, but I think Jeremy Maclin along with DeSean Jackson, are the speed McNabb needs on the outside. I still think they need a possession WR, that has the ability to go over the middle, and make the tough catches. I’d put Anquan Boldin in this position, which he’d be the #1 guy, Maclin moving to the #2, and Jackson in his true position in the slot position. Westbrook is the pass-catching back that McNabb needs, but as a main back I’m not so sure. I’d employ a two-back system in Philly, with Marion Barber as the bruiser, and Chris Johnson as the home-run/speed-back. I would’ve said Reggie Bush, but some may view that as not being realistic. Celek is a solid TE, that showed flashes of ability last season, but I’d prefer Greg Olsen at TE. Olsen has hands, and ran one of the best 40’s at his combine when he came out. So the new look Eagles offense would look like…

QB – McNabb, RB – Marion Barber, 3rd-Down/Change of Pace Back – Chris Johnson, WR’s – Anquan Boldin, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, TE – Greg Olsen

On Defense… The Eagles have lost their heart when B.Dawk left for Denver, sad sad day in Philly. It’s hard to replace that, so we’ll start there. I’d like to have Adrian Wilson at SS, who is in that B.Dawk mold. LaRon Landry is an agressive young beast I’d put next to Wilson, at FS.  I def. like Asante Samuel at Corner, as the #1 Cover-man on the team, to team up with him is a little difficult, because of trying to be realistic. I’d def. put Nmandi Asomugha across from him, but he’s well underpaid/under-appreciated in Oakland, and would command #1 Corner bread, that Samuel already has. I’d def. spend most of my money on building my defense, with most of my offense coming at a bargain price. I’d put Darelle Revis across from Samuel at Corner. To man the middle of the Defense, Patrick Willis, who’s a tackling MACHINE, something the Eagles have lacked on D since Jeremiah Trotter was in his prime.  Lance Briggs would also be a nice compliment on the outlside, with Willis.  I’d also like another pass rusher, like Justin Tuck, because he can also play the run, which is important. The new look Eagles defense would look like…


LB – Patrick Willis, LB – Lance Briggs, LB – Stewart Bradley,  SS – Adrian Wilson, FS – LaRon Landry, CB – Darelle Revis, CB – Asante Samuel, DE – Justin Tuck, DE – Trent Cole


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