The Final Four

The Final Four in the 2009 NBA Finals is here! 


Of course the popular pick all season, also the pick of yours truly, Cleveland vs. L.A. is still very possible.  But, if you’ve been watching the playoffs so far, in no way will it be as easy as it might have seemed in beginning.  The Cavs are playing on another planet right now, and not far behind them, are the Denver Nuggets.  The Magic, even as talented as they are, have been tested by two teams missing key members of their teams, and were very tested in both series.  The Magic have one thing on their side going into this series, they won the regular season series, and handed the Cavs their worse loss of the season.  As easy as the Cavs have made it look so far, they’ve been playing the best basketball out of any team in the playoffs, and doing it by just under a 20 point margin.  But, they’ll be facing their toughest competition so far, and will only get harder if they’re to beat the Magic.
Prediction – Cavs over Magic, 4-2
Cavaliers Magic Basketball
The Lakeshow, everyone’s pre-season favorite to win it all, the team that was supposed to breeze through the playoffs; until of course, we actually get to the playoffs.  The Lakers have been two different teams so far.  Against the Jazz, there was a highly competitive, and determined team, that only gave up one game, to a Jazz team, that wasn’t supposed to be an 8th seed.  The Jazz are one of the most talented teams in the league, and could have easily been in the Western Conference Finals, if it wasn’t for injuries throughout the season, making their road much more difficult.  Then of course, we have the Lakers facing a team that came into the playoffs without T-Mac, then lose Yao Ming during the series.  I can see the Lakers losing one game the Rockets, more-so in the beginning when Yao was still there.  I could even see the Rockets pushing the Lakers in the first game without Yao, making the game a close one.  But, to have the Rockets push the Lakers to a full 7 game series, is inexcusable.  I know there’s the whole thing about playing down to your competition, and allowing them to get the best of you.  For that, the Game 1 loss is the one pass you can have, after that, a champion would have gotten the wake up call.  I hope the Lakers realize that the Nuggets are for real!  Denver has been playing on a high level, and are similar to the elite Detroit Teams of the past, and funny, because a former Detroit Piston is responsible, Chauncey Billups.  I can see Denver winning this series, but I’m not sure if I can count Kobe out.  But, if Kobe Bryant allows his team to lose this series, his legacy will take another hit, and can’t be mentioned in that Jordan type of mold.  For that reason alone, I don’t see Kobe allowing that to happen.


Prediction – Lakers over Nuggets, 4-3

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