Almost Home

Recently former Falcons QB, Michael Vick was released from federal prison, for his roll in an illegal dogfighting operation.  Vick was once a very prolific figure in the NFL, and the face of the Atlanta Franchise.  Vick, like many young black athletes, are seen as the savior to their family, and close friends.  Vick allowed many people to remain close to him, and entrusted a lot in many of these people.  What’s sad is, while Vick is responsible for his actions, it was many of those, “friends,” that have led to his fall from grace.  GYI0000534069.jpg
Mike was a mediocre quarterback in the NFL, but a phenomenal athlete.  Vick made most plays with his feet, but possessed a cannon, for an arm.  There was always the argument of how good Vick could be if adequate talent was placed around him.  What’s sad about this whole thing, that may be a question that will forever go unanswered.  Upon completion of his house arrest this summer, Vick will apply for reinstatement to the NFL, and if proven remorseful, will most likely be granted it.  The question looming, which team will take a chance on the troubled QB?  Also, what position will Vick play upon his return.  At this stage, what’s most important, Vick’s well being as a person, and how he can adjust to being amongst society again.  I for one, believe Vick got a very bad deal, and served more time than some convicted killers, and rapists in this country.  While I’m not condoning Vick’s actions, I’m merely sympathising the loss at which he’s incurred.  He was a storybook athlete his entire life, and had his best year’s still ahead of him, as Atlanta was steadily improving the team around him.  I’ll still wonder what could have been, had a player like Terrell Owens been paired with Vick, or a player the caliber of Steve Smith, who could match Vick’s athleticism.
In today’s league, Vick can fit right in to a team that operates with a Wildcat style of play.  A team like Minnesota could definitely use Vick, but will they take a chance on him?  This is also dependent upon the likely return of Brett Favre, who is Viking bound himself.  But, no doubt, there are teams that could use him.  The best fit in my opinion, would be the San Francisco 49ers.  Mike Singletary would take Vick aside and get him to forget about his short-comings, and allow him to concentrate on football once again.  While he’s made a bad choice for himself, and has undoubtedly suffered the consequences, he deserves a 2nd chance.  Let’s wait and see if that 2nd chance does come for Vick, and how he will respond to the opportunities presented moving forward.
6 Responses to “Almost Home”
  1. Davermann says:

    Why won’t Vick just go away? He had his chance, he blew it. He could have had a fortune to fall back on but once again, poor decisionmaking did him in and he got FLEECED. Now you’re expecting an NFL franchice to take a chance on him? He certainly can’t play Quarterback as I doubt his decisionmaking has improved on or off the field. He should try the Arena League.

  2. Marcus says:

    Vick will play again for the simple fact that he’s got PROVEN talent. I don’t know if it will be at QB, but he will play again. This league is known for giving folks 3rd/4th chances (PACMAN). Even though PETA will be annoying, they will find away to make it look like he’s learned his lesson and he’ll be back on the field within the next 2 years

  3. H.Reid says:

    Vick will be back and with a vengeance, he did get caught up doing things that he shouldn’t have but the law and the NFL tried to make an example of him. Where ever he goes ATL better trade him out of the division because whenever he plays them he will have a monster game. No way that you keep someone with that much talent out the league, it was a player for the Rams that killed a woman with his car and played, and a few others that warranted the same punishment that VIck received or worse but it was swept under the mat. He won’t get any big endorsements and may never make it to the Pro Bowl but he will put in work no matter if he is playing receiver or safety. I would like to see him play QB but no team will take that chance except for the Raiders. If he plays WR he will get busy, his footwork is on another planet and he did run a 4.2 40 yd dash so he has burners but and he knows passing routes from being a QB. He would be perfect for a wildcat set so be on the lookout. Mike Vick is no Pacman Jones, Lawrence Phillips or Ray Carruth, he deserves a fair chance like everyone else.

  4. Bear says:

    buddy/pal/guy…my friend…has a felony underneath his belt…paid his debt to society…and still got into law school…graduated…and is now practicing law in florida…one of the most difficult states to pass the bar and then there is the scrupulous back ground check….so…u saying that this man doesn’t deserve a second chance…because he is a felon is totally
    unacceptable when the man did his time and has paid his dues…the man never showed any off field tom foolery as pacman or any of the other football players yet they were given the second chances and in some cases third chances….Vick has always been a country boy shying away from the camera…

    Vick is and will ALWAYS be a superior athlete…he will be rusty..hell yeah…but once he learns a new position because i don’t see him coming back as a QB…he will accelerate at it…

  5. T. Lucas says:

    Why should it matter if he’s a model citizen? How many professional athletes actually are? Now this argument is directly comparable, however, Marvin Harrison has been in the news because there was a shootout involving his gun. Now, with him being a “model citizen” (age and injuries aside…say in his prime years) would you say he should get a second chance?

    What’s wrong with the man starting from scratch all over again and proving himself? Odds are already heavily stacked against him (away from athletics, changing position, dealing with backlash, financial issues, etc). Just like a company has the right to NOT hire a convicted felony (being technical here; it’s actually illegal to discriminate in such a manner but we all know it happens) should they not have the right TO hire one?

    Just because he’s given the opportunity to play again doesn’t mean he will. How many teams are knocking down the door for Barry Bonds these days?

  6. Q_Crush says:

    lucas said it at the end, there is a major difference in the NFL reinstating him and a team having the guts to take a chance on him.

    I believe he deserves another chance, but as many have already said what team does he goto and @ what position. Maybe he can be a decent back-up QB and if he proves it, I have a perfect location for him; Carolina. They continue to allow Delhomme to be the starter when he has yet to prove he is capable of re-capturing the form that led them to the SB a while back.
    He single-handedly gave the cardinals the game in the playoffs, and they gave him an extension, but i think it was for the simple reason they have no back up that can challenge him. In vick they get an athlete that will bring more buzz to the city and if nothing more he can be viewed as another running threat to an already potent backfield. They also have one of the best receivers in the game in which all he has to do is throw 10-15 yrd outs/slants/curls and let smith do his work.

    If not Carolina, i really dont see a team that has a starter but is still too shakey to rely on. (maybe denver but i dont think they want another media headcase considering what they are dealing with in brandon marshall)

    i wish him well wherever he ends up though

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