When You Fail To Plan…

Vitamin Water
Well it looks like Nike’s Marketing dollars may go to waste.  Nike, along with Vitamin Water, has been campaigning for a Kobe vs. LeBron NBA Finals Match-up.  Not to be left out, ESPN also aired a special on the two, highlighting the exact same thing.  Problem is…THEY HAVE TO PLAY TO GET THERE!!!  It looks like Kobe may hold his end of the bargain, but will do so, earning every bit of it.  Now Bron-Bron, totally different story.  My man is watching his old, slow, and very defenseless big men get chewed by the athletic, and versatile wing men of the Magic.  The Magic have one thing on their side that Cleveland clearly lacks…YOUTH.  No one on the Cavs front line can keep up with Rashard Lewis, or Hedo Turkoglu, and it’s been showing ALL SERIES. 
If not for that miracle, Yes, it was luck as well as Bronny’s practice, that made Game 2 a victory.  The Cavs would have gotten swept in this series, and those lil puppet commercials would’ve been for nothing!  Yes they’re funny, yes even entertaining, but all the same, Very Premature!  Now, if Denver knocks off the Lakeshow, and the Magic move on, Adidas may have themselves a very nice marketing scheme, and can come directly at Nike.  Adidas sponsors key components to these series’ both Dwight Howard, and Chauncey Billups, done the 3 stripes, and would have done like the great Ali, “Shook Up The World!”  Don’t sleep, because it can def. be done…and as for the rest of the marketing dollars…well, it can be put into make Melo the next big thing!  Or, you could always dump it back into the Kobe-LeBron rivalry, but Kobe will be another year older, and D.Wade, CP3, Kevin Durant, etc…will all be one more year better!
One Response to “When You Fail To Plan…”
  1. Reece says:

    I really don’t see whats wrong with the Nike or Vitamin Water adds. Honestly all they did was market what we talk about in everyday life in the barbershop, on the block, at the cooler on facebook, or where ever we argue about sports. Would it have been great to see both players in the finals? No doubt, but the Nike adds are hilarious and the vitamin water debate will not end this year even if (but I’m leaning toward when) Kobe whens his ring. The same two players will compete for league MVP again and both teams will be at the top of their respective conferences. The LeBron fans will still say he’s better than Kobe and vice versa.

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