Instant Offense

The Fab 5                   Fantasy Impact : Moreno can be the lone ray of hope to come from the Josh McDaniel’s Era.  With star Wideout, Brandon Marshall, asking to be traded, and Pro Bowl Quarterback, Jay Cutler, throwing passes in Chicago, Moreno could shine.  Even with the … Continue reading

2009 NBA Draft

  1 – Blake Griffin, 6-10 PF Oklahoma (1)       1 – Hasheem Thabeet, 7-3 C UConn (2) 1 – DeMarre Carroll, 6-8 PF Missouri (27) 2 – Sam Young, 6-7 SF Pittsburgh (6)     1 – James Harden, 6-5 SG Ariz. St. (3) 1 – Rodrique Beaubois, 6-2 PG France (25)* … Continue reading

Don’t You Know Who I Am!?!

There’s always been the question, but unspoken answer, of the Athlete Double Standard, and if one exists.  How often do you see or hear on your local news talk about a vehicular homicide?  What about a kid that’s accused of murder, and although possibly innocent, still looking at life in prison.  There’s always the most … Continue reading

How The West, Won!

Someone get the monkey off of Kobe’s back…Yes the Lakeshow won the chip, just as I, and many other sports fans predicted.  But, did they really win…or was the series GIVEN away by the Magic?  I’d call it a bit of both.  Let’s be honest here…both Overtime games should have been W’s by Orlando.  A … Continue reading

It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…It’s…Shaq?

Shaquille O’neal has resurfaced as the center piece, of a new 2009-2010, Cleveland Cavaliers team.  In February, there were rumors that the Cavs were in discussions with the Phoenix Suns, in a deal that would have landed Shaq in Cleveland.  O’neal, once a terror to handle in the post, is now a micro-cosm of his … Continue reading

In The Knick Of Time?

Ok, living in New York City, you get surrounded by hopeful but loyal, Knick fans.  When rumors flew of LeBron becoming a free agent in 2010, along with a few others, The N.Y. Knick LeBron campaign began.  The Knicks started cleaning house faster than Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.  But, before Knicks fans … Continue reading

The Black Mamba

Damn Orlando!  I mean I knew the Mamba was gonna come into the Finals focused…Game 1 said it all, but how do u let Game 2 slip away?  Courtney Lee blows back to back, near the basket shots???  And Dwight Howard is playin ball like he’s Michael Olowokandi instead of the Defensive Player Of The … Continue reading

NBA Finals Preview

                           The Lakeshow will be taking on the Orlando Magic in this year’s NBA Finals.  I had originally picked the Lakers to win the chip over the Cavs, just like a lot of other people, I’m sure.  Seeing as how the Cavs got mangled last series, and realistically should have been swept, if not … Continue reading

Now What???

It looks like the end of the road has come for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The NBA’s best overall team, by record, has been eliminated from Championship Contention.  The Orlando Magic knocked the Cavs out, with a 103-90 Game 6 victory.  The Magic got a very inspired, and dominating performance from Dwight Howard, with 40pts and … Continue reading