NBA Finals Preview

The Lakeshow will be taking on the Orlando Magic in this year’s NBA Finals.  I had originally picked the Lakers to win the chip over the Cavs, just like a lot of other people, I’m sure.  Seeing as how the Cavs got mangled last series, and realistically should have been swept, if not for that miracle shot by LeBron…The Magic Are For Real!  This is also a very evenly matched NBA Finals Series, and could go the full 7 games, especially when the Magic were 2-0 vs. the Lakeshow this season…let’s look at the tale of the tape.
Los Angeles Lakers
Star : Kobe Bryant (SG) aka “The Black Mamba” – 2008 NBA MVP, 3 NBA Title Rings, 1997 Slam Dunk Champ
The Co-Stars : Lamar Odom (SF/PF), Pau Gasol (PF/C)
Supporting Cast : Andrew Bynum (C), Derek Fisher (PG), Jordan Farmar (PG), Shannon Brown (SG), Sasha Vujacic (SG)
Coach : Phil Jackson aka “The Zen-Master” – 6 Rings, 1996 NBA Coach Of The Year, Owner of a 70-Win Season
Why The Lakeshow Will Win
The Lakers will win because of Kobe’s hatred for being knocked about not winning without Shaq, and because of the Jordan Mystique.  Kobe hates being disliked, and criticized as the, You’re Good…But, guy of the league.  He’s always been knocked for not making his teammate better, and after getting to the chip last season, and losing…There’s nothing more that he wants than to get that trophy this time.  Kobe has the killer instinct, and talent around him to beat the Magic.  The Lakers also have the versatility to help defend the perimeter, where the Cavs couldn’t.  Lamar Odom will be the key to victory for the Lakeshow, with his versatility, he can stay with Rashard Lewis, who along with Turk, KILLED the Cavs.  Andrew Bynum will also play a key role in this series, but can he get the tick to be a factor.  Bynum is still very young, shown flashes of potential…but Drew…can u get that confidence up and ball my man? Bynum will most likely just serve as a body on Dwight, but those 6 fouls will come in handy.  Gasol gets time at Center too but have you gotten a good look at Gasol standing next to Howard…It’s like Popeye dancing with Olive Oil…Mismatch City! 
Orlando Magic
Star : Dwight Howard (C) aka “Superman” – 2009 NBA Defensive Player Of The Year, 2008 Slam Dunk Champ, 2004 #1 Draft Pick
The Co-Stars : Rashard Lewis (SF/PF), Hedo Turkoglu (SF/SG), Jameer Nelson* (PG) * – injured
Supporting Cast : Rafer Alston (PG), Mikael Pietrus (SG/SF), Courtney Lee (SG)
Coach : Stan Van Gundy aka “The Other Van Gundy” – 2009 Eastern Conference Champs, Called A Panic Machine By Shaq, Owner of one of Thee Worst In-Game Huddle Voices
Why The Magic Will Win
The Magic will win if they keep knocking down those threes, and if Howard can man-handle the Lakers’ big men, like he did Cleveland.  Howard can dominate the big men for the Lakeshow just as easily, BUT, the Lakers do have much more athletic big men that can defend Howard.  Jameer Nelson is also trying to make a comeback in the finals, and PG is a huge advantage the Magic have over the Lakers…Fisher’s still quality but let’s be real…dude is about 63 years old, just diesel.  If Farmar’s ears could aid in his steal attempts, I’d call the PG talent gap, a smaller one, but…that’s not the case.  The Magic don’t really need Nelson to rush back, but if he can come back and is healthy…Lakeshow can look for a nice 7 game series.  Orlando also owns that nice 2-0 regular season series edge…and I can see Howard puttin some GROWN MAN MOVES on the Lakers’ big men.  If Howard is hittin those foul shots…look for a, “Do You Believe In Magic?” headline to be used just as much as those Kobe/LeBron ads have been.



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