The Black Mamba

Damn Orlando!  I mean I knew the Mamba was gonna come into the Finals focused…Game 1 said it all, but how do u let Game 2 slip away?  Courtney Lee blows back to back, near the basket shots???  And Dwight Howard is playin ball like he’s Michael Olowokandi instead of the Defensive Player Of The Year, like the Former Dunk Champ, like he doesn’t lift Bull Dozers as a weight training warm up!  What’s going on w/Orlando man?  I mean I picked the Lakers to win the chip, but in 7 Games!  It’s lookin like a sweep is in line…I’m just confused as how Andrew Bynum, who’ll probably be great one day, but has been a Snow-Flake since his injury, is holdin some ground against Dwight…And another, Pau Gasol…he can def. ball…but dude weighs about 160, standing @ 7 feet…NO BUENO…Dwight should be muscling this guy down low…NOT HAPPENING!  What’s crazy is that Orlando had a lineup in at one time of…Turk, Lewis, Lee, Reddick, and Howard…All Shooters and Dwight…and couldn’t take advantage w/all that speed on the court…I expected Orlando to give them a much better series…but it’s hard to argue for that point so far…U can’t let a dude like Kobe smell blood, because next game he might go for 50!  I do expect Orlando to win the next game, but the Mamba is a poisonous snake that is known to strike when threatened, or they sense fear…Well, taking the Lakeshow to OT was the Threat, and not being able to close out a close Game 2 is the Fear…Yup, a 50 Pt. Game Is Coming!  Stan Van Gundy aka, Super Mario, needs to true up some Magic, LITERALLY!
One Response to “The Black Mamba”
  1. #1 USC/LAKER FAN says:

    I think Orlando is in some serious trouble because Lewis had 35, Turk had 20 something and they still couldnt’ pull it out. If they go cold again, it’s a wrap for the Magic’s run this year. They made a valiant effort, I must say. I told all of us Laker fans to not get ahead of ourselves and think that Orlando would shoot poorly for the whole series.

    With that said, GO LAKE SHOW!!!

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