How The West, Won!

Someone get the monkey off of Kobe’s back…Yes the Lakeshow won the chip, just as I, and many other sports fans predicted.  But, did they really win…or was the series GIVEN away by the Magic?  I’d call it a bit of both.  Let’s be honest here…both Overtime games should have been W’s by Orlando.  A Courtney Lee lay-up, Game 2 goes to Orlando.  A Game 4 Free Throw…JUST ONE, by Dwight Howard, Game 4 in the books.  All of a sudden, Orlando 3, L.A. 1!…Shaking up the Basketball Globe!…And possibly, putting Kobe Bryant ever-so-close to a suicide attempt.  Think about it, Kobe taking ANOTHER L, and ANOTHER SEASON, of criticism…EH EH!  There’s NO WAY Kobe Bean Bryant, would’ve been able to stomach another offseason like the last.  And on top of it, it was against Orlando, who isn’t Boston of last season, but a tough opponent in their own right.  But, a 3-1 series in favor of Orlando, was a definite possibility…well, until the Stan Van Gundy effect took place.  Besides his AWFUL, ANNOYING HUDDLE VOICE…This guy was a PANIC MACHINE!!! And who called it, none other than The Diesel, The Shaqtus, Shaq-Fu, Kazaam (one of the best movies EVER MADE!)  Van Gundy and Shaq went back and forth earlier this season, and Shaq called him out for his Panic Button, which Van Gundy DEFINITELY HIT!!!  Think about it, why would u play Jameer Nelson late in Game 2…Yes he was an all-star this year, but Skip has been the man in the playoffs.  Cool, play Meer some time in the game, but why so much tick, in such a crucial game?  Not putting it all on Meer, but Stan aka Super Mario, what were you thinkin man?  If you stick to the game plan and believe in your players, you’da gotten another W big homey!  Sheesh!  Now, I’ll give credit, that last play to win the game in Game 2 was Genius!  Courtney Lee just blew the layup, just like he blew the jumper the play right before it.  Not for nothin, Dwight Howard was inconsistent in the series also, and you can’t live by the 3.  Why Not, well, because you can die by the three just as E-Z!  
Jon Barry said it best, even when the Magic was up…were they REALLY up?  He said how he was never confident in them holding a lead, and I fully agree with that.  It was almost like the Magic was SCARED of the Lakers.  WHY?  You have the Defensive Player Of The Year, 3 All-Stars on the team, and one of the most underrated players in the game (Turk).  Not to mention, a nice bench/role players (Skip, Lee, Pietrus, Gortat, Reddick).  Why be afraid of the Black Mamba and his band of Brothers.  Gasol’s giving up an easy 80lbs on Howard, Odom is known to disappear in big games, Fisher’s supposed to be an old man, Bynum’s a 7 Foot Cupcake, and Kobe, well we all know he’s not a team player…Right?  Well it’s simple…at times of crucial moments, like the playoffs, the team takes on the personality of it’s leaders.  Who would you rather go into battle with, Phil Jackson & Kobe, or Stan Van Gundy & Dwight Howard?  It’s a simple choice…who would you fear more in the 4th quarter?  A fictional Super-Hero, or a Known Assassin/Predator?  Superman vs. The Black Mamba…also, it’s old, and very corny to continue to refer to this GROWN MAN, as Superman.  But, Van Gundy lacks a motivated skill-set (if anyone saw the looks of the players in the locker room, u can see what I’m talking about), and Dwight Howard is seen as a big jokester, funny guy, but jokes around a lot.  So how do you expect to go from joking around, to a focused playoff mindset.  Kobe and Phil strike fear, and speak to the team with conviction and strike fear in them…but in the end, MOTIVATE THEM.  If anyone believed that the Lakers were going to lose this series, than your just as foolish to believe that Kazaam was a good movie.  There was NO WAY the Lakers were gonna lose that series, regardless if the Magic gave away the game or not.  There’s one thing u do when u have your prey cornered, YOU MAKE SURE THEY’RE DEAD!  The Magic gave the Lakers life TWICE!!!  You can’t do that, a HARD lesson learned by the Magic.  If they wanna get back to the chip…the personality of that team needs to be kicked up from Cocker Spaniel to PITBULL…because there’s a few teams, (Cleveland, Boston, Miami (if they get Bosh)), that can ALL fill that spot in the finals, and would almost surely win 2 games!
7 Responses to “How The West, Won!”
  1. Davermann says:

    Orlando gave away 2 games, had some of the worst coaching I’ve ever seen in a finals, lacked chemistry from Nelson getting all of those minutes (who brings a rusty guy who missed half a season into a finals game? you got to the FINALS WITHOUT HIM), and Dwight Howard just hasn’t developed enough. Only one post move, no permiter movement, no jump shot, nothing. Lakers had him figured out.

    Orlando could have won nonetheless, but the decisionmaking was so lousy coming from their side they didn’t stand a chance.

    Question: who did a worse job coaching in the crucial spots? Brown, Karl, or Van Gundy?

  2. H.Reid says:

    I think it came down to the experience and leadership factor and not athleticism. The Lakers had two players in the line-up that have 3 rings and other players that have rings or have been to the championship series so that stage fright didn’t hurt them.

    Van Gundy migh not be a great coah but I feel like if the Magic had a healthy Jameer Nelson they would have had a more competitive series b/c he’s the on the court leader for that team. That’s what they were missing the most when things fell apart Skip to my Lou or Courtney Lee couldn’t pull it back together.

    D.Howard is a great player but remember how Orlando was with just Shaq and no Anfernee Hardaway terrible. When you had both on the court they went up against the Rockets and got man hanlded the same way. The Magic will be a good team for a long time and as they mature you will see them get closer to grabbing that chip.

    Van Gundy and Turkolu may not be there next season but that doesn’t matter if the line-up matures through its growing pains it will be a force to reckon with and free agency can change the dynamic as well. Look at what C. Billups did for the Nuggets.

  3. Smack says:

    Orlando’s luck ran out!!! Bottom line. They were not even supposed to be in that f’in chip. My biggest complaint is that…the 09 playoffs was thee best I ever saw…but the 09 chip was the worst I ever saw. What happened to Skip? Where did Pietrus go? Why was Jameer in uniform?

    When the lights are on you have to perfom!!! And Orlando didnt perform. I have to say that they gave it away more than they got beat. How do you make millions of dollars and cant make a point blank olly-oop layup? How do you make millions of dollars and cant make a foul shot? How do you make millions of dollars but you hoops knowledge allows D. Fish a wide open 3? How do you make 110 million and can’t put the ball on the floor and create shots????

    I was disappointed by these finals…I knew the outcome as soon as Orlando lucked by Cleveland. The Lakers were just too good of a team. Shots out to Ariza who played out of his mind!!! Shots out to Adam Morrison who got a ring!!!

    Im gone!

  4. H.Reid says:

    I don’t know if they were not meant to be there because they took out Cleveland and when Cleveland got to the Championship with Bron I think that series was much worse they got swept. Got dominated from end to end on defense and offense.

    Some of the games were at least competitive but more of them happened to be blow outs. You can say that about a lot of ppl (making millions you should be beastin every night) but pressure bust pipes my man.

    And Charles Barkley and Karl Malone are prime examples they were among the best players in the game made it to the final stage and choked but that doesn’t mean they are scrubs.

    When Michael Jordan was in the league at his prime no one was taking that chip from him and the same thing happened with the Boston and Lakers dynasties of old and the Hakeem Olajuwan three-peat. This was Kobe’s series to win and it didn’t matter if he was playing the Cavs or the Magic they were going to get that chip.

  5. Streetz says:

    Kobe wouldnt be denied. Its the finals.. bring your a-game no excuses. Lake show handled biz and The Merlins choked

  6. Davermann says:

    How did Orlando luck by Cleveland if they beat them 4-1 and their only loss came from a miraculous Lebron buzzer beater?

    The Cavs were just overrated. They went through weak competition in the first 2 rounds (Detroit and Atlanta) and hit a wall against a superior team.

    L.A. just happened to be the best team left in the playoffs when the dust settled.

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