2009 NBA Draft

1 – Blake Griffin, 6-10 PF Oklahoma (1)
1 – Hasheem Thabeet, 7-3 C UConn (2)
1 – DeMarre Carroll, 6-8 PF Missouri (27)
2 – Sam Young, 6-7 SF Pittsburgh (6)
1 – James Harden, 6-5 SG Ariz. St. (3)
1 – Rodrique Beaubois, 6-2 PG France (25)*
* – Traded to Dallas for B.J. Mullens
1 – Tyreke Evans, 6-6 SG/PG Memphis (4)
1 – Omri Casspi, 6-9 SF Israel (23)
2 – Jeff Pendergraph, 6-10 PF Ariz. St. (1)*
* – Traded to Portland for Jon Brockman
1 – Ricky Rubio, 6-5 PG Spain (5)
1 – Jonny Flynn, 6-0 PG Syracuse (6)
1 – Ty Lawson, 6-0 PG UNC (18)*
1 – Wayne Ellington, 6-5 SG UNC (28)
2 – Nick Calathes, 6-5 PG Florida (15)*
2 – Henk Norel, 6-11 PF Netherlands (17)
* – Traded Lawson to Denver for future 1st Rd Pick
* – Traded Calathes to Dallas for future 2nd Rd Pick
1 – Stephen Curry, 6-3 PG/SG Davidson (7)
1 – Jordan Hill, 6-10 PF Arizona (8)
1 – DeMar DeRozan, 6-6 SG USC (9)
1 – Brandon Jennings, 6-2 PG Italy (10)
2 – Jodie Meeks, 6-4 SG Kentucky (11)
 1 – Terrence Williams, 6-6 SG Louisville (11)
Bobcats Logo
1 – Gerald Henderson, 6-5 SG Duke (12)
2 – Derrick Brown, 6-9 PF Xavier (10)
2 – Robert Vaden, 6-5 SG UAB (24)*
* – Traded to OKC for Cash
 1 – Tyler Hansbrough, 6-9 PF UNC (13)
2 – A.J. Price, 6-2 PG UConn (22)
Suns Logo 
 1 – Earl Clark, 6-10 SF Louisville (14)
2 – Taylor Griffin, 6-7 SF Oklahoma (18)
2 – Emir Preldzic, 6-9 SF Slovenia (27)*
* – Traded to Cleveland, but will return to Europe
Pistons Logo
1 – Austin Daye, 6-11 SF Gonzaga (15)
2 – DaJuan Summers, 6-9 SF Georgetown (5)
2 – Jonas Jerebko, 6-9 SF Sweden (9)
2 – Chase Budinger, 6-7 SG Arizona (14)*
* – Traded to Houston for a future 2nd Rd Pick & Cash
1 – James Johnson, 6-8 PF Wake Forest (16)
1 – Taj Gibson, 6-10 PF USC (26)
Sixers Logo
1 – Jrue Holiday, 6-4 PG/SG UCLA (17)
Hawks Logo
1 – Jeff Teague, 6-2 PG Wake Forest (19)
2 – Sergiy Gladyr, 6-5 SG Ukraine (19)
Jazz Logo
1 – Eric Maynor, 6-2 PG VA Commonwealth (20)
2 – Goran Suton, 6-10 C Mich. St. (20)
Hornets Logo
1 – Darren Collison, 6-2 PG UCLA (21)
Blazers Logo
1 – Victor Claver, 6-11 SF Spain (22)
2 – Dante Cunningham, 6-8 PF Villanova (3)
2 – Jon Brockman, 6-7 PF Washington (8)*
2 – Patrick Mills, 6-1 PG St. Mary’s, CA (25)
* – Traded to Sacramento for Jeff Pendergraph
Mavs Logo
1 – B.J. Mullens, 7-1 C Ohio St. (24)*
2 – Ahmad Nivins, 6-9 PF St. Josephs (26)
* – Traded to OKC for Rodrique Beaubois
1 – Toney Douglas, 6-2 SG Florida St. (29)*
2 – Patrick Beverley, 6-1 PG Ukraine (12)
2 – Chinemelu Elonu, 6-10 PF Texas A&M (29)
* – Traded to New York
1 – Christian Eyenga, 6-6 SF Congo (30)
2 – Danny Green, 6-7 SG/SF UNC (16)
2 – Sergio Llull, 6-3 PG Spain (4)*
* – Traded to Houston for Cash
Heat Logo
2 – Marcus Thornton, 6-4 SG LSU (13)*
2 – Robert Dozier, 6-9 SF Memphis (30)
* – Traded to New Orleans for Cash
Celtics Logo
2 – Lester Hudson, 6-2 SG Tenn. Martin (28)
2 – Jermaine Taylor, 6-5 SG Central Florida (2)*
* – Traded to Houston for Cash
Spurs Logo
2 – DeJuan Blair, 6-7 PF Pittsburgh (7)
2 – Jack McClinton, 6-1 SG Miami (21)
2 – Nando De Colo, 6-5 PG France (23)
Pre-Draft Deals
Knicks Get – Darko Milicic
Memphis Gets – Quentin Richardson
Suns Get – Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavolovic, 2010 2nd Rd. Pick
Cavs Get – Shaquille O’neal
Nets Get – Rafer Alston, Courtney Lee, Tony Battie
Magic Gets – Vince Carter, Ryan Anderson
Spurs Get – Richard Jefferson
Bucks Get – Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas, Francisco Oberto
Bucks Get – Amir Johnson
Pistons Get – Francisco Oberto
Hawks Get – Jamal Crawford
Warriors Get – Acie Law, Speedy Claxton
Wizards Get – Randy Foye, Mike Miller
T-Wolves Get – Oleksiy Pecherov, Etan Thomas, Darius Songaila, #5 Pick Overall
Spurs – In addition to landing Richard Jefferson, the Spurs added a young rebounding machine, in DeJuan Blair.  Blair can come in and play the 4 at times, allowing Tim Duncan to shift to the 5.  Jack McClinton can also come off the bench and provide an immediate scoring punch, a la Manu Ginobilli.
Thunder – The Thunder addressed both areas of need, taking James Harden, who’ll immediately start at the 2 for them, and trading for B.J. Mullens, who can also step in and start at the 5.  The Thunder were in a good position, where they could have drafted a PG, and slid Russell Westbrook to the 2, or taken a 2 and kept him at the 1.  I would’ve liked to seen them take Jonny Flynn or Rubio, and allowed Westbrook to play off the ball, but Harden is a good pick for them. 
Magic – Trading for Vince Carter was a great acquisition for them.  With Turkoglu opting out of his deal, and pursuing free agency, the Magic gets a motivated Vince Carter, who’s also in the last year of his contract, and a hometown hero.  Carter also allows Rashard Lewis to slide back to his normal position at the 3, if the Magic are able to secure another PF.  The next move by the Magic will play a key role in how much better they actually got.
Cavs – Acquiring Shaq, instantly puts the Cavs in line for title contention.  Although the Cavs still have a need along the wing/a more athletic PF, Shaq provides the interior help that will keep more teams from scoring around the basket, and creates matchup problems when he plays alongside Big Z.  It’s a wonder if the Cavs will make a short term offer to Shawn Marion or Rasheed Wallace, instead of spending 8 mil per season for Vareajo.  I’d suggest a short term investment in Marion or Wallace, which keeps them in line for moves in 2010, when LeBron becomes a free agent.
Notables – Sixers (Holiday), Bucks (Jennings, Meeks), Grizzlies (Thabeet, Carroll, Young), Nuggets (trading for Ty Lawson)
T-Wolves – How you mess up a draft with 6 picks is unbelievable.  The Wolves chose 3 PG’s with the first 3 picks, Ricky Rubio (5), Jonny Flynn (6), and Ty Lawson (18).  The Wolves dealt away Foye and Miller, so there were holes in the backcourt that they needed to address.  Rubio and DeRozan would have been a nice tandem, or even Stephen Curry, who’s a natural 2 guard.  While I don’t think Curry would’ve been the proper choice for them either, as he’s trying to transition to a full-time PG, he’s a scorer by nature, and would’ve made more sense.  I thought the Wolves had some trades on their radar, which they might, but it seems as though they’re content with playing both PG’s together.
WarriorsThe Warriors could have used low post help, and would have been better off drafting Jordan Hill, or a true PG like Brandon Jennings.  Curry is developing as a PG, but is a similar player like Monta Ellis, in the mold of an undersized 2 guard.  The Warriors were working on a trade for Amar’e Stoudemire, but it seemed to have fallen through.  Curry just didn’t seem like the right pick for them, and seemed to be more of a blocking tactic, knowing the Knicks wanted him.
Wizards – Foye and Miller are very solid additions to the team, however, where do the fit in the grand scheme of things?  The Wizards needed a shot blocker badly, or a true PG.  Randy Foye is a combo guard, that is going to play alongside Gilbert Arenas, who’s a PG on the team, but a 2 guards mentality.  Miller, also a 2 guard, will be lost in the rotation, with Foye, Arenas, Young, and Stevenson all rotating at the PG/SG positions.  This original trade has to be part of a bigger picture, because this move doesn’t make any sense to me at all. 
Kings – Tyreke Evans will be a great player in the NBA, however, he’s also a player that will be playing out of position.  The Kings drafted Evans to take over at the 1, but Evans is more of a 2 guard as well, where Kevin Martin holds the reigns.  The Kings has soured on Rubio, who would have been a better pick, or any of the other traditional PG’s in the draft.
Nets  – The Nets traded for Courtney Lee, after selecting Chris Douglas-Roberts last year.  Also, trading away Ryan Anderson, who was a very surprising rookie last season.  Rafer Alston was also not comfortable with a reserve role, and will most likely request to be dealt at some point, playing behind superstar, Devin Harris.
Mavericks – The Mavs failed to secure a legit successor for Jason Kidd.  The Mavs have J.J. Barea as the successor as of now, so apparently, he’s seen as the heir-apparent to J.Kidd.  With a PG loaded draft, I expected the Mavs to come out with a more guaranteed prospect to fill the void that will eventually be left when Kidd retires. 
5 Responses to “2009 NBA Draft”
  1. Davermann says:

    The Spurs are secretly putting together a MONSTER team. Duncan got the help down low he sorely needed, they have a bevy of shooters on the bench, a healthy (finally!) Manu, RJ, and of course, TP. While the attention will be on the Cavs, Lakers, and Celtics, San Antonio might finally go into the playoffs as a 1 seed in the Duncan era.

  2. #1 USC/LAKER FAN says:

    The Lakers just need to resign LO, and Ariza so we can compete with all of these trades this offseason. IT’S NOT EVEN FREE AGENCY yet and look what is happening. GM’s are currently on the hot seat to bring a championship to their respective cities and they are pulling out all of the stops. Should be an interesting season.

  3. Kenney says:

    Nets just freeing up cap space my man. The trade was necessary. They know they wont be in contention next season. But you free up space and get a Wade or Bosh along with D Harris and T Williams…we going to eventually be alright..

    • Q_crush says:

      Nah the nets are setting themselves up to make a serious run at King James… people are automatically assuming that the Knicks is the desired team in that area but in the great words of Lee Corso “not so fast” Jay Z is making a major push to move the team to Brooklyn and you combine that with the already close relationship the two have it would be a match made in heaven and you combine D. Harris, CDR, and Lebron thats a formidable trio, they just would need to add some fight in the frontcourt and they will catapult back to the top of the east

  4. Jeff Miller says:

    The Mavs did get a point guard. They traded for Nick Cathalas who will play overseas for the time being, but has talent and I would assume will take Kidd’s spot…eventually. As for next year, who knows. Good stuff though. Thing I worry if the Magic move Rashard to his ‘natural’ position, won’t they lose what made them so tough to defend…having a 4 who stretched the floor.

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