The CrossOver

And the winner of the first Ball St. Journal Handles Tournament…Allen Iverson. AIMVP Iverson won by a much slimmer margin than Jason Williams’ victory over Crossover King, Tim Hardaway.  Iverson was the favorite going into the draft, in my opinion, but I thought he was all but gauranteed to face Tim Hardaway in the Finals.  The Answer has been embarassing players throughout his career with his scoring ability, standing at a generous 6 feet.  However, it was his ridiculous handle that was A.I.’s claim to fame.  Iverson played the game with no fear, and still does.  It was that fearlessness that Iverson was able to welcome the challenge of the games greatest player, Michael Jordan.  Iverson made Jordan fan for the ball like he was trying to catch a fly with his bare hands.  But, the key to a truly embarassing crossover, hitting the shot AFTER the mix-up, which A.I. did.  That play alone cemented Iverson’s legacy, as the man who mixed up, Michael Jordan. 
This was totally up to the fan vote, from the participants, to the winners.  It’s still difficult to imagine Jason Williams beating both Skip To My Lou, and Tim Hardaway.  Don’t get me wrong, Williams was a beast in his day, but to say he had a better handle than Rafer Alston, I dont think so at all.  But the argument that was brought up the most, how Williams brought the street to the NBA, while Skip didn’t really show the flashes behind his nickname.  Kenny Anderson was a toss-up, because a lot of people werent familiar with him, but at the same time, Steve Francis was a tough match-up for him.  But, had it been me choosing, Hardaway would have taken on Allen Iverson in the Finals.  Who would have won…no idea, both players will go down as Crossover Legends, if not more.
Who should have been in the Final Four?  Who should have won?  Who wasn’t in the competition that should have been?
A couple players that are pretty nasty in their own rights, but didn’t make the cut…Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Dwayne Wade, & Kobe Bryant.
2 Responses to “The CrossOver”
  1. Streetz says:

    IM sorry, ut to have Jason Williams defeat Tim Hardaway is blasphemy. I can only assume that the majority of voters never saw Timmy play.

    I think Iverson gets him because I once saw Iverson shake a ZONE in College. Nuff said!

  2. #1 USC/LAKER FAN says:

    I vote for James Davermann, but that is just me

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