Wounding A Broken Man


It has been two full NFL Seasons since we’ve seen the athleticism of Michael Vick grace the NFL Gridiron.  With Vick’s time now fully served, besides his probation period, he is now able to resume his career.  With a ruling expected to come at some point on Monday, there is already speculation of what we should expect.  Commissioner Roger Goddell is expected to suspend Vick for the start of the NFL Season for 2-6 games.  For anyone that’s committed some sort of personal conduct violation, that would seem like a normal penalty, and a just one.  However, Michael Vick has already missed 32 NFL Regular Season Games!  What exactly will 4 more games do to Vick, that the previous 32 already haven’t?  Vick has been stripped of all he’s earned as a professional.  His personal life has been effected, his financial well-being has be damaged greatly, and his overall image, tarnished.  Soldier FieldThere is absolutely no reason to further wound this man.  Vick had something taken away from him, that was his means to life, as well as those he supports.  Going through all he’s had to endure over the last two years, I’m sure that the lesson has been learned.  There have been numerous coaches, and/or respectable figures, that have come to Vick’s aid.  Tony Dungy, a highly respected man, as well as very storied NFL Coach, has come to the aid of Michael Vick.  Dungy, a man know for his strong faith, and guidance, has taken a mentoring role for Vick.  Having an influence like Dungy, there’s is no doubt that Vick will be a changed man, and a man that will value all things that are to come his way. 

Recently, Terrell Owens spoke out about the possible suspension of Vick, and spoke critically of the Commissioner’s possible decision.  Owens, never one to hold his tongue on camera, actually spoke the total truth, in my opinion.  Vick’s being kicked while he’s down, and un-rightfully so.  Vick’s served his time, and paid his debt to society.  Also, not to forget, Vick was already suspended by the league for his crime, which was served in conjunction with his sentencing.  The extra 4 games (the expected ruling), seem like the Commissioner putting his stamp on the situation even further.  Goddell has ruled with an iron fist, since his introduction as the new face of the league.  He’s changed the culture, in making players accountable for their actions, as he should.  However, there have been players who have done far worst things, and have been given a second chance.  Matt Jones, former Jaguars Wide Receiver, was arrested on felony cocaine charges, and played all but three games last season.  Jones was given a three game suspension, which he fought with an appeal, that stretched out for the entire season.  However, Brandon Marshall, had his troubles off the field involving domestic violence, and was initially suspended three games at the start of the season.  Marshall’s suspension was reduced to one game, but it was served immediately entering the season.  It seemed to be a very nonchalant situation, with regards to dealing with Jones’ case.  While I don’t want to bring any racial implications into any of this, it’s something that people will definitely look at. 
Instead, I’d like to pose a question to the readers…If Peyton Manning had gotten caught fighting dogs what would his punishment have been?  Would his punishment have been equal to Vick’s to the letter, or would it have been substantially less?  If Tom Brady was caught driving drunk, or rumored to have been involved in a domestic violence case, what would his punishment be?  Is there a racial divide in the NFL?  And is Vick being treated unfairly?
4 Responses to “Wounding A Broken Man”
  1. Davermann says:

    I think Goodell wants to impose that 4 game suspension becuase his indefinite suspension of Vck was mostly symbolic. What’s the point of suspending someone indefinitely if their entire time will be spent in jail anyway?

    I’m not sure about the race angle only because in this situation, Vick was facing federal charges. The U.S. government tends to come down hard on people (T.I. notwithstanding), especially in cases where they can earn alot of publicity. It’s how the Federal Prosecutors keep their jobs or move up within the Attorney General’s office, which is highly cut throat. I’m pretty sure they’d RATHER have caught a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady in this case, lol Those guys are the biggest fish in the pond!

    But I think money has more to do with it, especially at the state level. Donte Stallworth got a slap on the wrist (which Goodell followed up with an appropriate suspension) for killing someone, Plaxico Burress is STILL not in jail. STILL! Travis Henry only got 3 years for MOVING COKE! BMarsh is still playing and making ridiculous contract demands. Marvin Harrison is popping off at bolwing alleys. The league is littered with examples of black players getting off easy.

    Vick’s biggest mistake was bankrolling his entire operation while he crossed state lines. Virginia gave him a slap on the wrist, but the Feds didn’t. And what did he really lose anyway? dude only spent about a yr and a half in jail. His associates and family are the ones who cleaned out his fortune. Goodell didn’t tdo that. Goodell also didn’t have to let him back in the league either.

  2. Darren says:

    No and everybody in America knows it, what he did was wrong but come on 23 months in jail. I know people that have caught cocaine cases and did less time and then the league wants to make him serve a possible 4-6 game suspension upon his return. This is just another case of placism not racism….another opportunity for a powerful white corporation to show another talented black man that they can dictate his “place” in their organization.

  3. Kenney says:

    I wanna say no, but that’s a tough call. You can’t blame race on the outcome of that verdict. Vick was the poster boy in the NFL as well as Peyton. Vick did a lot for the city of Atlanta, donating money, opening youth centers etc….But anytime time PETA gets involved it’s amazing how much press comes along with it. And the NFl doesnt want to deal with it so what do they do….ruin a man’s career. You gotta wonder why the Dick Cheneys, Donte Stallworths, even Ray Lewis…all involved with HUMAN LIFE being taken doesn’t received the same type of punishment for the funding of Dog Fighting. It says a lot about the morals and values of our justice system.

  4. Alex Wolf says:

    who honestly belives Vick’s career is ruined?…dogfighting is sick to watch in the eyes of most people..it’s the NFL….Once again..Leonard Little killed a woman while he was driving drunk…..he still plays. Vick got that stiff of a penalty because his bitch ass boys rolled on him, not because he is black…he got a stiff penalty beause he is an… Read More overpaid pro athlete…not because he is black. it’s a moot point to discuss his “love for the community” and his “dedication to charities”….most pro athlete’s give money to charities and the community and you don’t know about it. he will be running the wildcat offense in no time. he will still be suspended by his employer…they have to stay consistent with Goddell’s no nonsense policies.

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