Next Stop…..?

Vick Intro
With Michael Vick being conditionally re-instated into the National Football League, where does he go?  Which team would want him?  Who could use him?  Would you sign him?  The thing with Vick, he’s always been a phenomenal athlete, but a mediocre quarterback.  Also, the teams that are best for Mike’s physique, aren’t the best fit for him team-wise.  Teams like San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, New England, New York Jets and Miami, would all be good for Mike Vick’s mental state, and are heavily disciplined teams.  Tampa Bay, Arizona, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tennessee and Baltimore are also teams with solid leadership that could guide Vick back into normalcy.  However, those teams aren’t necessarily ideal fits for Vick.  When a team is to consider signing the only Quarterback to rush for 1,000 yards, you have to be willing to gamble both on the field, and off.  I’ve been an advocate for Vick to get a 2nd chance, but there has been no denial of a potential PETA Protest, and media frenzy that will surround his future destination. Michael_Vick_Protest Former Head Coach Herman Edwards said it best, when he referred to Vick as a, “Specialist,” type of player at this point.  Vick’s athleticism is what separates him from every other quarterback in the league, but will he remain at that position? 
A team like Jacksonville, who has an aging quarterback in David Garrard, would be a nice place for Vick to play.  He could serve as a, “Wildcat,” type of player, and also provides a legitimate backup for Garrard.  There’s also an argument of the fact that Vick has never really played with an abundance of talent around him.  Roddy White was a young receiver when he played with Vick, and was still very much in his developmental stages.  Considering White’s development, Alge Crumpler was the only target Vick had to throw to.  How would Vick perform as Arizona’s backup?  The knock on Matt Leinart is his arm strength, amongst other things, and that is one thing Vick had plenty of.  What about a team that loves to experiment, like the Washington Redskins?  Daniel Snyder has always been the one Owner willing to break the bank, to make a Winner.  At this point, it’s difficult to say where he could play, or where he’d fit, until we see him play.  Seeing Vick develop at another position would be nice, but given the time constraints, and his angst to return to the field, developing at a Receiver position seems unlikely.  There have been several players that have made the transition to WR, from the Quarterback position.  Antwaan Randle-El, Hines Ward, Kordell Stewart, Matt Jones, Ronald Curry, Anquan Boldin, Brad Smith and most recently, Pat White, are all former Quarterbacks that made the position change to Wideout.  Boldin, Ward and Randle-El have been the most successful of this particular group, with Matt Jones coming off his most productive season last year.  NFL Rookie, Michael Crabtree came into Texas Tech as a Quarterback, and was considered the best Wideout in the draft.  While it is possible to experience success, as Devin Hester has proven, it isn’t easy at all.
In considering his return, what team is he best suited for?  Where would you like to see him play?  If you were a GM, would you sign him?  What position would you like to play him at, or look to develop him for the future?
2 Responses to “Next Stop…..?”
  1. Marcus says:

    Considering it’s a rumor and not an official ruling yet, I won’t get on the Commish too hard over it. Yet, I will say this… I agree whole-heartedly with T.O. when he says that further punishing Vick serves no purpose. What will be gained from it? Honestly, I think he’d only be further punished to make the NFL look good in the eyes of PETA. I know Vick would take the punishment in stride thinking “Well I’ve gone for 2 seasons…6 more games won’t hurt,” but that’s not the point. There is no justification for it other than “because I can.”

    As for Vick’s future, as a GM I would pick him up. Considering he has had NO weapons really during his time in ATL, Vick managed to still throw for nearly 2,500 yards and was a top 20 QB. This combined with the fact that EVERY year he was the ONLY QB to make the top 40 list in rushing (usually somewhere between 20-25) makes this man a dangerous talent. He has an arm…probably needs to work on his accuracy with the deep ball. However, if he can get on a team…ride the pine behind a great QB and learn a thing or two, I think Vick will develop into a great player himself. He’s never had a real mentor. At VA TECH, he was the leader of the team and therefore never really had someone to teach him the ropes. At ATL, he came in and immediately jumped in as the savior, but again, had no real mentor. He’s done all he’s accomplished on natural raw talent. Right now, however, this man has had time to think and truly change his life and perspective on life. He realizes that football is a gift to him that can be taken away. I believe he will be a student of the game, appreciative of the game, and better than both of those, HUNGRY. How many of our top athletes are still HUNGRY? I think Jax would be a good place for him. Gerard is already a throw/run QB and I believe Vick would be an excellent back-up for him for the time being.

    I would not honestly transition him just yet. I would give him another season to see what his QB skills can do on a real team. Lets not forget he WAS a beast in college. He led the Hokies in an undefeated year (only to lose to FS in the National Championship, but even then he showed his prowess). He still ranks 3rd in the NCAA for passer-efficiency. He was no pocket passer clearly…but i wouldn’t call him “mediocre.” He not only led his team to the playoffs, but also made the pro-bowl 3 years in a row. Lets not forget he did this with a MEDIOCRE team. Not even some of the “greats” have done that and he did that from the start. He was throwing for 2,400 yards…for like 14-16 or so TDs a season and then he consistently ran for over 500-1,000 yards (pretty awesome for a QB considering he was usually the only one amongst the running elite) not to mention the TDs he scored. If we look at one’s contribution to a team…3,500 combined yards and nearly 14-20 TDs total. I’d say that’s not mediocre. And again…he did this with a decisively mediocre team.

    Now that he’s hungry and will have the passion of a rookie for the game, if we can get him on team where he can learn to be a better pocket passer, you will see Vick come out better than ever.

  2. HReid says:

    I totally disagree with the commish, I can’t recall the player from the Rams, Leonard Little I think, but he killed a person with his car and was playing that same season. I understand it didn’t happen on Godell’s watch but he has been overly strict on many athletes. Vick just served 23 months in prison and lost every single endorsement he had, I think he has suffered enough.

    Tacking on another 6 weeks during his conditional reinstatement is terrible. More than likely he wouldn’t be playing until at least week four to learn the playbook and get back into football shape.

    He’s a tremendous athlete and whoever does end up signing him will be happy after they see the dimension that he adds to the team.

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