Diamond Dirt W/K. McGirt


By Kenisha McGirt


Am I shocked by David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez being on “The List?”  Nope, I’m not even phased in the least bit!  As I read a comment on ESPN, “It takes a bunch of cheaters to win a title in Boston,”  I fully concur.  I feel like all of this madness is causing us baseball fans, ROID RAGE!  I actually wonder if this could cause a trickle down affect.  Baseball is killing itself softly, by not revealing this “List.”  A-Rod was on “The list” in January, Manny in April, and now Ortiz in July.  What sense does any of this make?  Can we just release this list of players already and stop the foolishness???  manny-ramirez-david-ortiz-boston-red-sox-steroid-use-730

Whoever is responsible for PR at MLB, needs to resign immediately, because they have failed HORRIBLY.  The fans will never see past Performance Enhancing Drugs(PED), with it coming back into every major headline, every quarter.  Many fans have chalked PED’s up to a thing of the time, which is a forgiving way to look at this crisis, and still have an ounce of respect for the Sport.  I’d like to pose a question to the powers that be in Major League Baseball, namely Commisioner Selig, why constantly drag the league, the teams that make it up, and the fans through this scandal?  My theory…all names should have been released as soon as there was talk of  a “List.”  When your biggest, and hottest star is named, everyone should have been named.  This way the shock is gone, and we can enjoy BASEBALL.  I mean that is what summer is all about right?

2 Responses to “Diamond Dirt W/K. McGirt”
  1. HReid says:

    I fully agree with your post and I’m not a big baseball fan but a fan of sports in general. With that being said I rarely paid attention to the sport except for what I saw on ESPN and now I am paying a bit more attention for all the wrong reasons. To find out who is the next MLB all star that will be named on the infamous list.

    As you stated the head of PR for MLB needs to replaced immediately. I agree with Ozzie Guillen, the entire list should be released so Canseco can stop making money off of this list because that’s all it’s coming down.

    I hope that at least the new pool of players that are coming in to the league won’t be influenced by the Asterik era of professional players. Everything that happens in the dark will come to light.

  2. Sidney Gantt says:

    Once they legalize steroids in baseball I’ll start watching.

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