Dawn Of Redemption

Vick Final Antwonomous
After two years of controversy, two years of being an example, two years of having questions about whether or not you’ll get a 2nd chance…Michael Vick has signed a 2 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.  While this isn’t a place where Vick will be asked to step back into football and be, “The Man,”  he will be brought into a very good situation.  Vick will be surrounded by a very stable franchise, and a contending franchise, at that.  Vick will be a backup to one of the game’s best, Donovan McNabb.  There will also be times where Vick will be featured along with McNabb, which would be a Defensive Nightmare, for the opposition.  Vick’s speed and athleticism, are huge assets for the Eagles now, to go with a seemingly re-loaded offensive unit.  Once he’s able to display his current conditioning, the Eagles will have a better idea as to where, and when, he’ll play.  mcnabbvick
Philly most recently suffered a loss in backup QB, Kevin Kolb.  Kolb suffered a sprained MCL, and seemed like he’d be alright with a few days rest.  While Kolb could be fine, it was definitely a cause for concern, within the Philadelphia organization.  Mcnabb, who has a history of injuries, will now have to do his best to stay healthy, if the Eagles are to reach full potential.  However, Vick gives the team, a legitimate Quarterback to step in, in case of a McNabb injury.  But, having both Quarterbacks on the field at once, forces Defensive Coordinators to account for both, and creates an abundance possibilities. 
Why It Works…
Vick steps into this situation as another weapon for the Eagles to implement within the offense.  Imagine a scene where McNabb is in the shotgun, with both Michael Vick and Brian Westbrook split in the backfield, DeSean Jackson split wide to the left, Jeremy Maclin split wide to the right, and LeSean McCoy in the slot to the right…That is a tremendous amount of speed on the field.  There isn’t one player on the offense that you can double team now, and you have to prepare for ANYTHING!  The playbook will most certainly be, “Opened Up,” and be sure to feature a lot of trick plays.  The third and short situations that plagued the Eagles a year ago, should now be a thing of the past.  I for one, will be very interested in what’s to come for the Philadelphia offense.  Eagles Fans are also very extremely passionate fans, who embrace players that play hard, which is perfect for Vick.  Not to mention, the Eagles went thru an extensive process before signing Vick, including speaking to the Mayor of the city, as well as the Animal Rights Groups in the city.  All parties gave their blessing for the Eagles to pursue Vick, as well as, Tony Dungy and Commissioner Goddell approving the situation. 
Why It Doesn’t Work…
If McNabb struggles at all, you can bet your life savings, that the fans will get on his back, and call for Vick to play.  While I don’t anticipate a situation like that, it is very much a possibility.  At that point, you have your franchise quarterback, now looking over his shoulder.  Also what’s not to be forgotten…the reasons why Vick was incarcerated, and what the reception will be amongst the PETA organization in Philadelphia.  The media will stir up a Quarterback controversy, and the questions about starting Vick will begin to come up.  Does Vick’s presence cause a distraction, more than it does an asset?  Vick’s contract is also a 2-year deal, which is the exact same length of McNabb’s current deal…so who do you re-sign?  While Vick’s expected to play nice this season, he’ll want to compete for a starting position entering his 2nd year.  
Either way, this is a great day for Vick, his fans, and his family.  This man has served his time, and now embraces his gifts, and opportunities.  He will undoubtedly do all he can to excel, and fit in.  Michael Vick has now created an even further excitement within the Philadelphia Franchise, and hope that goals can be reached.  I hope that Vick proves all doubters wrong, and takes his career and character, to new heights.
4 Responses to “Dawn Of Redemption”
  1. HReid says:

    I think this is the best move the Eagles made in years. They have a an athletic back-up for Donovan McNabb in Vick that can also learn how to be a better passer since they have similar skill sets, the biggest difference is Vick’s blistering speed. Just as you pointed out, the Philly fans are hardcore and the moment McNabb is off his game they will be calling on Vick. Trust and believe he is in Philly right now getting back into football shape with a vengeance. NFL watch out he is out to prove something he definitely won’t start but I guarantee you see a line up with Maclin, Jackson, Westbrook or McCoy, McNabb and Vick that will have defenses saying WTF!!! Will put the Dolphins Wild Cat formation to shame, mark my words.

  2. sportzguy2fly says:

    Yo this is a dope move for Philly, even if we decide to trade Vick later in the season to a team that lost a major QB, we still make big moves and got in cheap. Now as far as him being on the field, there is no question, he will add an element to the Eagles that will dominate the league. SPEED is a Killer and with the weapons they have, its hard to think of competitions for them!
    Jim Johnson’s passing will also be a motivator, so look for the team as a whole to play inspired.
    As far as the haters go, this is why Philly is a key move for Vick, its not isolated, its a big market city, where you have hardcore fans. People can take the hate that will come from the various organization and use it as momentum to show how much they support Vick! Brotherly Love baby… Philly Philly!

  3. THumper says:

    I think the biggest question outside of anything is where Vick’s speed and athleticism falls. At the end of the day, while he’s received top notch training the guy has been in prison for 2 years – not on the football field cultivating those skills that made him a weapon.

    A lot remains to be seen.

    Just my 1,911 cents.

  4. Marcus says:

    I hear you Thumper, however, there’s something about natural raw talent that won’t let you fall too far. While his passing accuracy and timing will be off, you can’t forget the man is just naturally fast/quick. He has an amazing ability to find the hole. That’s not something easily lost overnight, but instead with age. Once Vick gets back into the swing of things he’ll be fine. As for McNabb, I don’t think he’s worrying about his starting position just yet. For now, he’s embrassing Vick because Vick equals a legit shot at the chip. As long as the defense does its part, Philly will be a contender. They looked good against the pats…we’ll see once the season starts.

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