Fantasy Wrap-Up

They Are Who We Thought They Were!
After two weeks into the NFL Season, we can see if those that have been playing out of their minds, have returned to normalcy…or vice-versa.  Players like Drew Brees, and Adrian Peterson solidified, their likely draft positions, as the top of their respective position classes.  Brees has a league high, 9 TD passes…in TWO GAMES!  While, Mr. All-Day, is leading the league with, 272 yards rushing.  Dallas Clark, one of the best Tight End’s in the game, finds himself as the leading receiver in the NFL, after his ridiculous performance on Monday Night, versus Miami.  With Manning short on weapons to throw to, owners can expect Clark to post extremely good numbers all season.  Clark’s pass catching partner, Reggie Wayne, must have gotten wind that he was seen as a 2nd Tier Fantasy WR, and is also putting on a show thus far, coming in at 5th in Yardage. 
Week 2 also saw other first round fantasy selections wake up from a lackluster first week.  Chris and Andre Johnson battled each other in the same game, to see who was the better name-sake.  CJ put on a vintage Tomlinson performance, posting 197 Yards Rushing, 87 Yard Receiving, and 3 Touchdowns!  If you were lucky enough to have CJ fall to you, then your likely 2nd pick could have been Andre Johnson, who also lit up Tennessee’s very formidable defense.  Johnson posted 149 Yards Receiving, and two equally impressive Touchdowns.  But, not to be outdone, Frank Gore rewarded those owners that didn’t forget about his talented skill-set.  Gore became the first back since Hall of Famer, Barry Sanders, to rush for two touchdowns over 75 yards, in the same game.  Gore tallied 207 Yards Rushing, added 37 Receiving, and 2 Touchdowns.  However, Gore also reminded people who did take him, that he’s very likely to experience injury, hurting his ankle after destroying the Seattle defense.
Missing In Action….
There were quite a few fantasy owners that reached and took Larry Fitzgerald in the first round.  After seeing Troy Polomalu go down in the first game, just after making a spectacular one handed interception, the words, “Madden Curse,” began to surface.  While Fitz has totalled plenty of catches, and a touchdown in each game, he’s struggled in the yardage department.  Facing a Jacksonville Secondary that was torched by Reggie Wayne in Week One, (10-162-1), you’d expect similar numbers from Fitzgerald.  Fitz reeled in 4 catches, for 34 yards, with 22 coming on one catch…luckily Fitz was able to haul in a Touchdown, salvaging a dreadful outing.  Owners are probably walking on eggshells, with the potential for the, “Madden Curse,” looming.  However, don’t give up on him just yet, as he has 3 opponents coming up, which he should find much more success. larry-fitzgerald2
Fitzgerald isn’t the only player that has fantasy owners in a tailspin.  Running Backs, Matt Forte, DeAngelo Williams, Brian Westbrook, Brandon Jacobs, LaDanian Tomlinson and Steve Slaton, have all been very disappointing thus far.  While Forte, and Slaton slow start can directly contributed to back to back, difficult defensive match-ups, the same can’t be said for the others.  The others have had at least one game against teams with less than stellar, run stopping defenses.  Although the production hasn’t been up to par as of yet, owners can expect each back to regain their forms sooner than later.  However, Tomlinson is the wild-card in this particular group, with Westbrook not far behind him.  Both of these backs were a top 3-5 back taken in last year’s drafts, and they have both been slow, and/or injured early out of the gate.  Owners that are familiar with their abilities, remain hopeful, while Darren Sproles, and LeSean McCoy, are runners that are sure to draw further attention.
Well, Well, Well….
The NFL Season is always full of surprises, some that are flashes in the pan, while others can lead to fantasy stardom.  It’s difficult to find a surprise bigger than another, as each has been equally impressive.  Journeyman, Mike Bell, has proved to be the lone reliable workhorse back for the very potent, New Orleans Offense.  Bell is currently the league’s 4th leading rusher, with 229 yards through two games.  Pierre Thomas, who was seen as a potential sleeper, has been completely transparent thus far.  Thomas saw limited action versus Philly, as he’s dealing with injuries, and has yet to make a full recovery.  However, Thomas will have a chance to regain his starting role, due to Bell sustaining a knee injury late in the Philly game.  Thomas’ performance during Bell’s injury will dictate as to whether or not he holds the job, or if it’s just a temporary fill for the hard working Bell.
Also carrying the fantasy load thus far, are the Bills’ Fred Jackson, and the Bengals’ Cedric Benson.  Jackson was expected to thrive during Lynch’s suspension, but it looks as though Jackson may be totally legit.  Jackson has totaled 220 Yards Rushing, and 108 Yards Receiving thus far, which leaves Lynch’s job security in doubt.  Benson has been seen as a bust during his days in Chicago, which wasn’t helped by his very arrogant approach to playing with the Bears.  Benson has managed 217 Yards Rushing through 2 games, bringing him in at 6th ranked rusher.  Benson is Cincy’s only legit threat out of the backfield, and should be steady, depending on his week to week match-up.  
Others making noise….
Joe Flacco & Matt Ryan are both tied for 2nd in the league, with 5 TD Passes each.
Steve Smith & Mario Manningham have emerged as Eli’s favorite targets in New York, combining for 29 Catches, 422 Yards, and 3 Touchdowns.
Brent Celek has been Philly’s most consistent pass catcher, despite the Quarterback Changes.
Tim Hightower has emerged as Arizona’s dual threat, totaling 220 Yards, and a Touchdown, while hauling in 15 passes thus far.
2 Responses to “Fantasy Wrap-Up”
  1. #1Trojanfan says:

    You forgot to put Jeremy Shockey as someone is going to be making some noise this year 🙂 lol

  2. Sportzguy2fly says:

    Great Assessment Skoob,

    Lets come back and look at this say week 8 and see how much they change though. Some of the Stud will be dudes by then and vice versa. I for one have said Larry Fitz will not produce big numbers for several reasons as well. Madden Curse, Boldin is healthy and other targets, plus Warner is hurting. Great spend on a first rounder in Fitz people!

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