I’ma, I’ma, Diva…Hey!

Never in all my years of being a devoted Sports Fan, Writer, and Athlete, would I ever think I’d reference a Beyonce song, when discussing an athlete.  In this case, this is the PERFECT relation to this particular individual.  Michael Crabtree, 10th Overall Pick by the San Francisco 49ers, in this year’s NFL Draft.  Seen as the #1 player at his respective position, and arguably, in the entire draft, Crabtree remains a holdout.  The Wide Receiver has been rumored to be seeking top pick money, when in fact, he was NOT, a top pick.  Crabtree wants to be paid as if he was/is, the BEST WR in this year’s draft.  However, if we can all backtrack, Darius Heyward-Bey, was drafted in the 7th spot by the Oakland Raiders.  Raiders Camp FootballWhile we all laughed at the selection, with the rationale being placed solely on his speed, Bey was indeed the first Receiver off the board.  Will he be better than Crabtree?  Will he be worthy of the #7 selection?  Was this just another bad choice by the Raiders?  These are questions which will be posed for the length of their careers, err…ehh…Heyward-Bey’s career that is.  Crabtree hasn’t signed with the 49ers yet, and we are entering the 3rd Week of the NFL Season!  WHAT is this guy thinking???
Crabtree has rumored to be considering to re-enter the draft next season, sitting out a full NFL Season, based off of his salary demands.  The Niners have offered Crabtree a deal which would guarantee him 16 million dollars!  Now correct me if I’m wrong, but unless I’m a billionaire, and literally blow my nose in $1,000 bills, and wear a full tuxedo made of diamonds to charity events…I’m NOT in a position to say $16 Million is NOT ENOUGH Money!  crabtreeinmyheadYes the analogies were ridiculous, which should further tell you how ridiculous his idea sounds!  Maybe someone should refresh his memory about Mike Williams, the talented USC Standout that attempted early entry, and was forced to sit a season.  Williams has been tossed around the league, like a rugby ball, and never came close to reaching his potential.  With respect to Crab’s talents, he should never see the same pattern in career that befell Williams.  However, what does sitting out a season hope to get you?  Does he think he’ll be worth 25+ Million Dollars, in guaranteed money?  A year AWAY from the game, A year WITHOUT working out for teams, and a year which he sat out BY CHOICE??? 
The former Texas Tech standout gained a reputation when leading up to the draft…the reputation of extreme arrogance, or in this case, A Diva.  Entering the 3rd week in the season, he’s done nothing o displace that claim.  Maybe it’s his best bet to sit out, given his head coach is Mike Singletary.  Singletary embodied everything that was right about the NFL, while Crabtree has represented quite the opposite.  The Niners Coach will most likely have Crabtree running until he fainted, and would probably place him as the 5th option at his position.  Sitting atop of their division, it doesn’t look like he’s needed in San Fran, nor missed.  While it’s hard to say that any of this would bruise his ego at all,  he seems to not really be concerned about playing football, in comparison, to his concern about how much he feels he’s worth.  Also to add to the situation, is the current NFL Labor situation, which may enforce a rookie salary cap next season…which it desperately needs.  Giving an un-proven player millions of dollars, to have them not perform, is ridiculous to me.  Do you think the 49ers regret paying Alex Smith?  How about Detroit’s feelings about Charles Rogers?  Given the mishaps, there have been success stories, as there are with everything in life.  However, Crabtree is fooling himself if he feels he’ll still be the top WR drafted after a year off.  Unless he didn’t notice, I’ll point it out…a player named Dez Bryant was statistically better than him last season.  Bryant has as much upside, if not more, than Crabtree.  Bryant is faster, stronger, and seemingly much more versatile than Crabtree.  I myself would trade his rights to a struggling team, who’s looking to add potential to their offense, for a first round pick next season.  Imagine how much faster the Niners could improve with an additional pick!  They could be in a position to draft both, Dez Bryant, and All World Talent, Taylor Mays, or Eric Berry.  Bryant gives you that legit weapon at Wideout, while Berry and Mays, could both be the 2nd coming of Ronnie Lott! 
Crabtree should look at players like Andre Johnson as a prime example of what a Receiver SHOULD be.  Johnson has been a member of the Houston Texans for his entire NFL Career, and has nothing to show for it, outside of individual success.  Yet he’s never publicly voiced his displeasure with the organization, demanded a trade, nor complained about his Quarterback.  Instead, Johnson has gone out and performed, and is recognized as arguably the best in the game, at his position.  Johnson has all the right to complain, and could easily command several draft selections in a trade from a team.  The Texans have been an under-achieving team for years, and Johnson could be 10x as good, if he played with a consistent, elite QB…versus the oft-injured Schaub.  So far, Crabtree’s done nothing to disprove his diva-like attitude, that scared teams away from him in the draft.  At this point, it’s just a wonder if the damage has been done beyond repair, or is there time for him to seal the wounds, and prove his talent on the field?
4 Responses to “I’ma, I’ma, Diva…Hey!”
  1. Ms.Shakes says:

    Man… this boy is out of his mind. Vet agent or not… he needs to get his client under control. This kid is throwing away MILLIONS of dollars for what… this is not the NBA … these types of “machismo” battles do not work well in the NFL. First off… the niners are looking pretty damn good this year.. they could really use his talent right now. Second off… has he seen who is gonna be in the draft this year… there is NO shortage of talent in his position. At least T.O. and Keyshawn and the likes waited until the were in the league to show that they were pre-madonnas! What has that attitude gotten anyone?? Keyshawn retired WAAAYYYYY earlier that he needed to and T.O. gets bounced around like a check written by Bernie Madoff.!! This is what happens when people get money hungry. The forget the privilege it is to get PAID TONS OF MONEY to play a game that they love. Damn shame!!

  2. TH says:

    F**K Crabtree. He’s a disgrace and needs to get his toes stomped out.

  3. Reece says:

    That what happens when a player hires his cousin to be their agent. The 49ers can’t trade his rights anymore, they have to sign and then trade him to a team. So for the 49ers sake, they need to sign him or they would have wasted their ’09 1st round pick.

  4. A_Wolf says:

    he would have had a better chance pulling a T.O……..play a year and then bitch about your contract…..oh thats right then he would have to actually prove he is worth something. To never play a down then demand big money is an insult to the former players in wheelchairs and on pain meds who can’t even get their doctors visits covered.

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