She Keeps On Passing, Me By…



She? Well in this particular case, she represents the game of professional football. The culprit…Oakland Raiders Owner, Al Davis! Once a proud organization with tremendous history, has now turned into the NFL Version of The Has Been Clinic (  Aside from young stars, Kirk Morrison, Zach Miller and Nnmandi Asomugha, the Raiders have very few bright spots. But what exactly is the problem? You have a “franchise,” quarterback in JaMarcus Russell, a future star running back in Darren McFadden, a deep threat in Darius Heyward-Bey, and cornerstones on defense…right? The problem is that Al Davis continues to make terrible money decisions. The choices that Davis has made, are to the point that stars seem to immediately fade once they join Raider Nation. Randy Moss is a future Hall of Fame Wide Receiver, and did virtually NOTHING during his tenure in Oakland. Moss’s value was so low, that he was dealt to New England for a 4th Round Pick! Yes, the same Randy Moss who torched NFL Defenses as soon as he stepped on the field as a Rookie. The same Randy Moss who went to New England and immediately broke the NFL Single Season TD Receiving Record, and helped the Pats go undefeated. DeAngelo Hall became a Raider, and a former Raider in the SAME SEASON!!! Hall, never short on confidence, looked like an excellent fit in Oakland. Asomugha locked down his entire side of the field, and with Hall alongside him, they formed the most talented young defending duo in years…Right? Hall was Deep-Fried in his first game as a Raider, by then rookie, Eddie Royal, of the Denver Broncos. Royal made Hall look like the rookie, forcing him to commit personal fouls, and got him completely out of his game mentally. The funny thing about Hall, was that he was developing into a very elite Corner, while in Atlanta. Once the Silver and Black graced Hall’s back, he became Fillet Mignon to opposing NFL Offenses, and was often the preferred special on the menu!  Javon Walker is another prime example of Al Davis’s wizardry.  Walker was an elite wideout during his time in Green Bay, and even had his run in Denver. However, once those knees seemed to age in dog years, instead of people…Denver cut him loose. Walker worked out, and apparently became an incredible salesman, because no one saw any reflection of the old Javon, except Davis. Davis signed Walker to a 6 year, $55 Million Dollar Deal!!! This signing was easily, one for the Ridiculous List! Javon turned that $55 Million into a brilliant, 15 catch, 196 yard, and 1 Touchdown Performance…in 8 GAMES!!! Walker remains a Raider, and a bonafide bench riding specialist! These are just some flashes of the most recent past, which may help us understand the present a little better.


As we speed up to the present day, we have a Raider team that looked to be headed in a positive direction. Head Coach Tom Cable seemed to light some fire into the team towards the end of last season, and showed promise entering this year. But, I don’t think he factored in possible Assault Charges into the offensive scheme. Cable is on the verge of being arrested, for punching former assistant, Randy Hanson in the face. Looks like Cable was the perfect man for the job! Sitting at 1-3, a seemingly lost franchise, and a quarterback that looks more and more like a bust with each outing…what’s the solution? JaMarcus Russell can throw a football 70 yards, from one knee! How is he so bad? The argument was made that Russell didn’t have the weapons around him that he needed to be successful. However, I believe that Davis is the only real problem. Russell gets the blame for not taking the game serious enough, to where he shows up to camp out of shape, and plays terribly with each game that approaches. I think the reason behind his performance, is the fact that he’s not held accountable for it at all, and he has little to no fear in the organization. jamarcusThe 49ers are atop of their division, and have a new attitude, and motivation, because of Mike Singletary. He’s changed the entire culture in that locker room, and it has shown on the field. The culture and overall mentality speaks volumes, when it comes to on the field production. Shaun Hill doesn’t have an eighth of the talent that Russell has, and manages the offense extremely well. McFadden could easily develop into a player like Frank Gore, and could even exceed Gore’s ability. However, the team as a whole is without direction, and leadership.


Week 4 told this lack of leadership very clearly. The Raiders faced a Houston team, that is at the bottom of the league in overall defense, and they couldn’t produce more than 6 points??? Every running back that has faced Houston has excelled, except for McFadden. Houston stacked the box against Oakland, and showed no respect for the pass at all, which left McFadden with the stat line of a toddler (-3 Rushing Yards, and 5 Rec. Yards). How is it that there is no offensive production coming out of Oakland? Russell has a cannon for an arm, and could easily throw for 4,000+ Yards every season. I’d almost guarantee, that if Rex Ryan, or Mike Singletary was the coach in Oakland, we’d see a very different product on the field. But, Al Davis continues his stronghold over the organization, and we are left to watch them crumble each week. Fantasy Owners of McFadden were probably hoping for a major breakout game, and were left in virtual tears! The funny thing about all of this, is that it’s taken years for people to see that Davis has lost his marbles. I mean, this is the same Al Davis that drafted a trouble making KICKER, in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft! Am I the only person who finds that both weird, and hilarious at the same time? I mean I can understand your need for a kicker…but the first round? 2000 is the exact same draft that Tom Brady was drafted in the 6th round! The Patriots really blew that draft opportunity…just think where they’d be right now had they drafted Janikowski!

3 Responses to “She Keeps On Passing, Me By…”
  1. #1Trojanfan says:

    If he keeps playing like he’s playing he won’t have anymore fur coats!

  2. HReid says:

    Raiders need Al Davis to move on he may not realize until the day he’s gone but they are the Clippers (pre-Blake Griffin era) of the NFL. He makes the worst draft picks in the history of the game grabbing the guys with the fastest 40 time and nothing else to merit their selection. The coach is about to get arrested for breaking his own assistants jaw and Jamarcus Russell keeps eating like a klump during the offseason and not getting into NFL QB shape until the 6th game of th season. I rather have Ryan Leaf playing QB than J . Russell both are supreme failures. He needs to leave the Raiders and go to the UFL b/c it seems like they are getting worse every year outside of the secondary. Raiders need to move back to LA and Kimbo Slice needs to rock Al Davis jaw so he can no longer lead the franchise.

  3. Parman says:

    Al Davis looks like the Cript Keeper…and his brain is mummified.

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