Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse [VIDEO]

Just when it seemed as though things couldn’t get any worse for the National Football League and Commissioner Roger Goddell, a second issue of extreme nature has arisen within the very same week. All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson has been indicted on charges of negligent injury to a child, or simply put, Child Abuse. In … Continue reading

Make It Reign

Which new kid on the block will stand tallest in their inaugural NFL Season; Andrew Luck or RG III?                 The Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins are set to meet on August 25th in their third preseason tune-up. Normally, the preseason brings very little excitement other than the fact that football season is upon us. … Continue reading

She Keeps On Passing, Me By…

  She? Well in this particular case, she represents the game of professional football. The culprit…Oakland Raiders Owner, Al Davis! Once a proud organization with tremendous history, has now turned into the NFL Version of The Has Been Clinic (  Aside from young stars, Kirk Morrison, Zach Miller and Nnmandi Asomugha, the Raiders have very few … Continue reading

I’ma, I’ma, Diva…Hey!

Never in all my years of being a devoted Sports Fan, Writer, and Athlete, would I ever think I’d reference a Beyonce song, when discussing an athlete.  In this case, this is the PERFECT relation to this particular individual.  Michael Crabtree, 10th Overall Pick by the San Francisco 49ers, in this year’s NFL Draft.  Seen … Continue reading

Dawn Of Redemption

After two years of controversy, two years of being an example, two years of having questions about whether or not you’ll get a 2nd chance…Michael Vick has signed a 2 year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.  While this isn’t a place where Vick will be asked to step back into football and be, “The Man,”  … Continue reading

Next Stop…..?

With Michael Vick being conditionally re-instated into the National Football League, where does he go?  Which team would want him?  Who could use him?  Would you sign him?  The thing with Vick, he’s always been a phenomenal athlete, but a mediocre quarterback.  Also, the teams that are best for Mike’s physique, aren’t the best fit … Continue reading

Wounding A Broken Man

It has been two full NFL Seasons since we’ve seen the athleticism of Michael Vick grace the NFL Gridiron.  With Vick’s time now fully served, besides his probation period, he is now able to resume his career.  With a ruling expected to come at some point on Monday, there is already speculation of what we … Continue reading

A Warrior’s Peace

    The NFL, and truly, The World, has lost a Great, Fearless Athlete, and Person, in Steve “Air,” McNair.  Gone before his time, McNair was shot and killed in his Nashville Condo, early on July 4th.  McNair embodied the true meaning of what the NFL is about, with his toughness, heart, and overall competitive … Continue reading

Instant Offense

The Fab 5                   Fantasy Impact : Moreno can be the lone ray of hope to come from the Josh McDaniel’s Era.  With star Wideout, Brandon Marshall, asking to be traded, and Pro Bowl Quarterback, Jay Cutler, throwing passes in Chicago, Moreno could shine.  Even with the … Continue reading

Almost Home

Recently former Falcons QB, Michael Vick was released from federal prison, for his roll in an illegal dogfighting operation.  Vick was once a very prolific figure in the NFL, and the face of the Atlanta Franchise.  Vick, like many young black athletes, are seen as the savior to their family, and close friends.  Vick allowed … Continue reading