She Keeps On Passing, Me By…

  She? Well in this particular case, she represents the game of professional football. The culprit…Oakland Raiders Owner, Al Davis! Once a proud organization with tremendous history, has now turned into the NFL Version of The Has Been Clinic (  Aside from young stars, Kirk Morrison, Zach Miller and Nnmandi Asomugha, the Raiders have very few … Continue reading

I’ma, I’ma, Diva…Hey!

Never in all my years of being a devoted Sports Fan, Writer, and Athlete, would I ever think I’d reference a Beyonce song, when discussing an athlete.  In this case, this is the PERFECT relation to this particular individual.  Michael Crabtree, 10th Overall Pick by the San Francisco 49ers, in this year’s NFL Draft.  Seen … Continue reading

Controlling Your Team…

  Similar to the If You Build It NBA Series…take YOUR favorite football team, and put the pieces in place you’d think would put you over the top. It’s a little different to build a franchise in the NFL, versus the NBA. The Salary Cap, and Roster Depth make it a little harder to do … Continue reading

How To Ruin A Legacy: By Brett Favre

  Here we go again!  Why is 137 Year Old Brett Favre attempting to come back….AGAIN!  If my memory serves me correct, back to last yr that is, Favre stunk it up in N.Y.  Yeah he had a couple bright spots here and there, but outside of that ONE game versus Arizona, where he threw … Continue reading

Smack Talk 101 – Football

Better Be Worth It!!!   Josh McDaniels…man ‘o man, hired as a rookie coach, replacing a future Hall Of Famer, in Mike Shanahan, and what do you do as soon as you get in office?…You go and try to make a deal for Matt Cassel, completely IGNORING the fact that Denver already HAS a future … Continue reading